Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Dome @ Pavilion

Not all Domes are created equal. Pavilion's outlet seems breezier and more inviting than its counterparts elsewhere, but the food feels inferior.

The Pesto Caesar Salad appeared extremely unattractive ... but hey, unskinned chicken is healthier, right? Sadly, the salad was bland beyond words.

The Big Breakfast made us doubt the kitchen crew's competence. They totally botched the eggs. But the hash brown was nice and crisp, while the ham and sausages were perfect.

A hearty serving of muesli with yoghurt and assorted fruits capped what might look like breakfast, but was in fact dinner.

Green tea and a Berry Bliss concoction of fruit puree, milk and yoghurt.

Dome Cafe,
Tel: 2143-8588


  1. i have never eaten/drank in dome before, and looks like i wont either :P

  2. it's ok if you just want a comfortable place to have a meal at the mall...

  3. stop going there liao..can get better breakfast places..

  4. true ... but once in awhile, must check back to see whether anything has changed! :D

  5. Appalling eggs... I breakfasted here at the Dome in BSC before and have vowed never to go back for food. Coffee tolerable but food, never!

  6. hehe ... foolish people such as myself help keep these franchises alive. :D