Sunday, May 17, 2009

Delectable by Su @ Mid Valley

Rushing here for a sugar fix.

Vanilla & Ginger, Chocolate, and Vanilla & Lemon Cupcakes.
These look deceptively plain, but they might be the best cupcakes in town. 
Marvelously moist, with a sugary, creamy layer below the surface.
Are they truly worth RM28 for three though? I'm torn...

Brownie Parcel. Good, but not as terrific as the cupcakes. Too nutty for us.

Delectable by Su,
The Gardens.


  1. is this Su related to Su Chan?

  2. hmmm ... don't think so!

  3. RM 28 for 3 cup cakes??? Oh my...

  4. yeah, inflation is scary!

  5. Yeah, damn pricy stuff. am glad you liked it. Think Paprika also went this weekend, as she was asking me for directions.

  6. May be a silly question but is it better than Wondermilk?? Her cakes are expensive too! Min RM500 for 1-2kg!!

  7. I guess the price has to do more with the quality of the ingredients and the design...very pretty cupcakes for sure...

  8. boo: yeah, i'm already craving them again!
    haz: hmmm, i can only compare the cupcakes, but these are definitely nicer than wondermilk's.
    alexandra: true ... but even considering those factors, i kinda think RM20-25 would seem more reasonable. but i guess rental is an issue too.

  9. Tried the cupcakes last night. Somehow the vanilla ginger one was a bit dry, so didn't thoroughly enjoy that. The chocolate one was yummy and moist but my favourite was the vanilla lemon although I wouldn't mind too much if it didn't have the lemon. It was a lovely classic vanilla cupcake which I wouldn't mind eating the whole day :)
    But perhaps she should have a few tables outside for customers to eat. We had to go somewhere else to enjoy the cupcakes.
    Btw, Su was there last night serving customers...

  10. yeah, su, if u read this, it would be excellent if we could eat the cupcakes at the storefront perhaps instead of having to smuggle them into mcdonald's or food garden! the cupcakes are too irresistible to bring home before eating! :D