Saturday, May 2, 2009

Just Heavenly Pleasures

Our favourite cakes are still around (though they ran out of the chocolate durian one that evening) and the lady behind the counter is as friendly as ever.

Death By Chocolate and ermm, some kinda lime cheesecake?

Sticky Butterscotch. Definitely lovin' it.

Just Heavenly Pleasures,
Bukit Damansara.
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  1. the lime cheesecake sucks ;-p

  2. not that bad laaaa

  3. wahh..i been bz for a week n not visitn any blogs..but yrs the hardest to catch up dude! ;p

  4. hehe.. luckily there are not many words in my entries!

  5. have finally been able to get my hands on the chocolate durian and it is divine! almost good enough to cure my fever and wipe away my woes. Or something.

  6. yeps... u can also get your fix at their jaya one outlet now! :D