Saturday, May 2, 2009

Simply Fusion

Not the most popular outlet at Jaya One, but the food, ambience and service at Simply Fusion are all decent enough to merit a visit.

Root beer spaghetti. Drenched in a delicious gravy brimming with beef and beans, but the taste of root beer was too subtle to leave an impression.

Peruvian Fish, slathered with a slightly spicy sauce with a side of Caesar salad. The fish wasn't top-notch, but the sauce was pretty addictive.

Simply Fusion,
Jaya One.
Tel: 7958-2291


  1. Which inconspicuos corner is this?? I spend about a quarter of my salary monthly eating & drinking thru Jaya One and I haven't seen this before!

  2. there's more to jaya one than brussels beer cafe! this is a humble outlet on the same row as santini...

  3. wow...nice design of the restaurant...i wanna try the root beer spagetti...something special ler

  4. it's not bad but i think most people might say the taste is normal only....

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