Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The 39 Restaurant @ PNB Darby Park

The 39 Restaurant boasts an impressive setting, with panoramic views of the city from the 39th floor of PNB Darby Park. It serves upmarket Malay cuisine, less intensely flavoured than traditional kampung cooking.

A special mention to the staff here who set sky-high standards for friendliness and efficiency. We decided to eat in air-conditioned comfort indoors...

... but customers can choose the open-air loft outside if the weather is kind. 

Addictively crunchy crackers to munch on before the main meal.

Tenggiri otak-otak (spicy mackerel loaf with mango kerabu and peanut sauce). Firmer but less savoury than regular otak-otak. The highlight of this platter was the mango kerabu, which was memorably piquant.

Rusuk Kambing Kurma (braised lamb rack with kurma, ghee rice and pineapple curry). The lamb was magnificently tender, falling off the bone with the utmost of ease. It blended perfectly with the rice and curry, making this our favourite dish of the evening.

Patin Tempoyak Cili Padi (simmered catfish in fermented durian paste with salted duck egg, bittergourd and rice). The strong taste of the tempoyak complemented the fish pretty well. A decent version of a classic recipe.

Kaseh Puteri (avocado, kiwi, vanilla ice cream and milk) & Cinta 39 (tea, lychee, lime, lemon, mint and basil).

The 39 Restaurant,
PNB Darby Park.


  1. Thxs for that tip! I never knew they had a deck. Been meaning to go check this out for the longest time ever. Must make a trip there so I can compare it with the other Malay fine dining spots in town.

  2. Ok, IF i'm ever here; Kaseh puteri &
    simmered catfish in fermented durian paste with salted duck egg for me pls!

  3. A nice place to bring foreign guests! The Rusuk Kambing Kurma will definitely be my choice here - yumms!

  4. Spanking view! Which durian tempoyak can only enhance. Yum yum!

  5. boo: i think it's not as good as ibunda, equal to enak, but better than bijan!
    nomad: i suspect you might find other items on the menu to tempt u! :D
    pureglutton: oh yeah, tourists will definitely like this place for the ambience!
    550ml: there's also tapai for dessert if u enjoy fermented stuff!

  6. I like this restaurant 100%.Congratulations to Encik Muhammad Taha(Managing Director) and Encik Rizahuddin Sohari(Assistant Manager).

  7. hello there..

    just wanna ask you, hows the price rate?..

    i mean, does it reasonable for the food or it quite pricey?..

    thanks! :)

  8. wafahafiz: glad u enjoy it!
    nanana: i think RM60 per person will be sufficient for a decent meal =)

  9. just wanna ask you, hows the price rate?

  10. klau nak adakan majlis bleh dpt diskaun tak??

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