Friday, May 15, 2009

Basil Thai Nudle Bar @ Bangsar Village

A quirkily decorated, colourful outlet with a pleasant view from the window.

Steamed seafood otak-otak. Very yummy; rich, smooth and not too spicy.

"Crab shells" stuffed with chicken & cashews. Despite their deceptive name, the crab cakes were a winner in terms of taste. Bonus points for not being oily.

Green curry beef. Pretty average, but still good enough to finish.

Black olive fried rice with chicken. Maybe we were just really hungry, but we also liked this a lot. This place certainly isn't stingy with its ingredients.

Basil Thai Nudle Bar,
Bangsar Village.
Tel: 2287-8708


  1. This place is always a "safe" choice for us. Along with its sister outlets.

  2. yeah, all familiar but safe!

  3. Did you sit the tables by the window? They are set so close together that I can barely fit my knees in there! I love the food there.

    And oh Sean, I ate the yummiest grilled herring yesterday, at a warong. And even then the tiny herring on bread cost as much as a meal in a decent cafe in KL. Gulp.

  4. yeps, sat by the window but don't recall feeling squeezed!
    oooh, that sounds like a yummy snack! i think the closest i've ever come to that is hickory-smoked anchovy on toast at frangipani. hope you're taking food photos! :D