Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Crystal Jade Restaurant @ Mid Valley

We love the look of this place. Pretty avant-garde for a Chinese outlet.

The Peking Duck seemed like a good bet, especially since there was a reasonably priced half-portion on the menu.

The duck was fine, but it was wrapped in something akin to pita bread, instead of the soft, fluffy pancakes that we prefer.

Suckling pig (oily, with an overly strong aftertaste) and siew yoke (OK only).

Traditional stewed garoupa head and belly. Tasted alright, but it kinda reminded us that we hate the hassle of eating bony fish parts.

Yummy rice dumpling laden with conpoy, salted egg, pork & chestnuts.

Pan-fried vegetables stuffed with shrimp mousse in hot stone. Not bad.

Health Wines Lizard Flat Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot (Adelaide Hills).

Crystal Jade Restaurant,
The Gardens.


  1. i just think its quite exp for a chinese restaurant in a shopping complex..

    but the plus point is they serve pork and its dead quiet since they r in a corner of the complex..

  2. yeah, business seemed slow for a friday nite ... only about five or six occupied tables ... i guess there are too many other more attractive options at the mall...

  3. I always thought it was expensive, so I never bothered going.

    The siew yuk looks very fat...and when I say a meat is too fat, it's something! =P

  4. yeah, more of hotel prices rather than shopping mall prices...
    heh, true ... the balance of fat vs lean meat is not quite right there...

  5. i love their porridge, the mixed porridge(fish,squid, etc) only RM8.80 very good and filling too

  6. that sounds really nice! will remember to try it the next round, thanks!