Thursday, May 7, 2009

Cuisine Studio

A terrific place to try traditional French cuisine; too bad it's totally out of the way for those of us who toil in the city.

Lots of cheese, dairy products and wine are available for take-away.

The complimentary bread is excellent. This alone is almost worth the visit.

Foie gras terrine. The serving size seemed rather meagre. Cost-cutting?

Veal head. Our first time sampling this classic dish known as "tete de veau." Supposedly the head of a young calf boiled down to its cheeks and membranes. If you can get past the squeamishness of eating this, it actually tastes all right. Kinda similar to Wagyu beef cheeks.

Australian beef ribs flash-grilled "blue rare" (extra rare ... cooked very quickly, the outside is seared but the inside is cool and barely cooked). 
These looked like slabs of beef freshly bought from the supermarket. Tasted perfectly fine (though medium-rare is still the best), but too much for two of us.

Corbieres Languedoc 2006.

Cuisine Studio,
Tropicana Golf & Country Resort.


  1. The environment is good! The bread itself is worth the visit? I'm so curious how the bread taste like. The beef and wine, really an enjoyment. =)

  2. Veal head! Definitely not for the weak-hearted! Did you have to mention young calf in the same paragraph? :-S

  3. Veal's head reminds me of a Norwegian winter specialty - lamb's head. I'd think that it'd taste pretty good, really.

  4. yes, the bread is an all-time fav of mine. Which reminds me, maybe I'll drop by afterwards and grab a loaf. Sounds like new stuff there, as I didn't know they had veal head & beef ribs. Usually we go for the beef bourginon.

  5. sugarbean: the bread tastes really freshly baked, grainy and guilt-free! :D
    550ml: actually we thought it would taste more disgusting than it turned out to be!
    lemongrass: ooh, lamb's head sounds interesting. wonder why they only use the heads of young animals though (lamb, calves)...
    boo: the veal head was one of the weekly specials, so it might not be available for long!