Friday, May 15, 2009

Italian on Sixth

The menu here offers lots of Italian standards, but not much excitement.

Still, if you want pizza and pasta at Pavilion, this is better than Michelangelo's.

Mussels topped with sauteed mushrooms and cheese. Decently done.

Fettuccine carbonara. Very nice, thanks to the subtle, sticky sauce that went perfectly with the pasta and humble vegetables. 

Tender pan-fried pork chops, overpowered by too much tomato sauce.

Italian on Sixth,
Tel: 2144-2992


  1. not as great as it sounded like in the newspaper awhile ago..pity pity..

  2. it's ok for an italian outlet in a mall, but just not in the same league as sassorosso, chiaroscuro, etc...