Monday, May 11, 2009


This place is beautiful. A secluded, Balinese resort-style environment _ only a few minutes' drive from Mutiara Damansara _ with genuinely friendly staff.

There's only one problem: pesky mosquitoes that come out before dusk.

There's a mishmash of Western and Eastern cuisine available, but we focused on the Indonesian offerings that evening.
The Javanese-style popiah stuffed with veggies, crabmeat and shrimp wasn't spectacular, but it was still very nicely done. Crispy without any excess oil.

Ibu Yati's Gado-gado, featuring blanched veggie salad with peanut sauce. Our favourite of the evening. The peanut sauce was soooooooo deliciously good and complemented the salad so well, we could eat this everyday!

Pak Ajelan's Chicken Soto: chicken consomme with cubes of compressed rice, shredded chicken and potato cutlets. Flavour-packed to the last drop!

Balinese fried rice with grilled seafood skewer. OK but pretty ordinary.

Mixed grill of codfish, mussels and scallops. This was excellent; the cod and scallops in particular were wonderfully fresh and moist.

Jalan Penchala Indah, Bukit Lanjan.
Tel: 7729-9030


  1. The place looks great! Actually been searching for a venue like this for a client's event and we've just confirmed somewhere less ideal last week! Dang!

  2. such a cute place! except no aircon.

  3. You know, this was on the list of places to try last Sat but instead we ended up at batavia in dsara Perdana. Ok, must make it a point to dine here soon. Read that the chef is ex-Avillion.

  4. 550ml: oops, i should have posted this last week, but am backlogged...
    carolyn: but it's breezy enough!
    boo: ooh, i've been wanting to check out batavia. yeah, the chef seems to be someone relatively prestigious and experienced...

  5. Yes lovely staff, very warm and thoughtful people. The mozzies were out, even though it was 1pm!! Tried the curry mee, which was the thickest and tastiest curry mee we'd ever eaten! Also had the carbonara with salmon and mussels. The pic was a bit exaggerated so it was a bit of a letdown when the salmon came out looking a bit puny, but still the pasta was tasty nonetheless.
    The gado-gado was nice, but ours was missing the boiled egg cos it fell off when the waiter was just about to bring it to us. Sigh. But I have to say that my mum makes a better sauce ;-p

  6. ooh, looks like this place is worth a few more visits to sample more stuff. will remember to try the curry mee next time.
    hmmm they should have replaced the egg...
    what's wrong with these mozzies? they attack during the daytime and sleep at night? hmmm.

  7. i will try the grill next time!
    ya i thought he would, cos he apologised and took it away and i heard him yell "Chef!"but it came back sans egg. sigh
    ya, maybe it's aedes mozzies. they come out during the day, wor :-/

  8. yums, what a lovely looking gado-gado!

  9. Augustdiners: might be the best in town!

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