Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Fisherman's Cove @ Starhill Feast Gallery

Starhill's most beguiling restaurant, with lots of aquariums and an open kitchen amid a setting that evokes impressions of a rickety fishing vessel.

Seafood is their forte, but even the meat dishes are a cut above.

Petuna ocean trout tataki with seaweed, wasabi mayo & hot-sour dressing. 
We're usually not fans of tataki-style fish, but we loved how this retained all its natural juiciness. Plus, the accompaniments enhanced the flavour of the fish instead of overpowering it.

Pan-fried foie gras & sliced duck breast with caramelised mango compote and tamarind jus. Stick your fork into a bit of everything, then eat it all together. Heaven in one bite!

Simmered blue crab meat & avocado gratin with parmigiano reggiano. Sinful!

Fisherman's Cove,
Starhill Feast Gallery.

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  1. wow, they're very generous - 2 pieces of thickly siced foie gras. I've been meaning to go here for the longest time but never seem to remember!

    Btw, bumped into Subak's pr last nite at the Curve and told him abt yr mozzies experience. He said dusk will usually have but not at 8pm when he usually goes there.

  2. I love the look of this place... screams Shipwreck!! Not in a tragic way, more like a Disneyland type adventure. The food however... nothing Mickey Mouse about that!! Foie gras looks intimidating!

  3. i agree wif boo. the foie gras pieces are rather generous, especially in relative to the size of the duck breast. tamarind juice with foie gras, now that's wow!

  4. boo: re subak, cool. must remember not to go there too early for dinner. my friend had five mosquito bites on his legs after our meal!
    550ml: ahhh, wait till you see what it looks like upstairs. i suspect you'll like it...
    nic: yeah, they're pretty creative with their recipes here. lots of experimentation. :D