Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Pub @ Shangri-La

A laid-back place to hang out while waiting for rush-hour traffic to ease.

Warm popcorn instead of the usual peanuts served at other lounges. Excellent!

Shangri-La Sling (gin, cherry brandy, lime, pineapple juice) and Gin Fizz (gin, egg white, soda and sweet & sour).

Pub Wave (vodka, pineapple, raspberry juice and blue curacao) & Brandy Alexander.

The Pub,
Shangri-La Hotel.


  1. Been ages since I ventured to the Pub, used to be our fav hangout spot, as they serve great pies.

  2. haven't tried the pies ... maybe it was before my time, i only arrived in kl in 1999. :D