Monday, May 18, 2009

Karl's Beisl

Does the doctor insist that your cholesterol level is too low?
Karl's Beisl will fix that! SohoKL's newest outlet specializes in all things pork, from Serrano ham to Iberico ribs.

Alas, there were only two of us that evening, so we couldn't order much.

The roasted suckling pig (this was a quarter-portion) was huge and fatty with impressively crisp skin. But El Cerdo's version still rules.

Now this was terrific. Choucroute Garnie, comprising pork belly, kassler ham, bratwurst, frankfurter, bread dumpling and sauerkraut. Sinfully delicious; if you're a pork fanatic and you love variety, then this is the platter to order.

The pork knuckle however was so-so. It was OK but kinda dry in parts.

Awesomely buttery mashed potatoes and relatively blah sauerkraut.

De Bortoli dB Selection Shiraz Cabernet (Aust). Went well with the food.

Karl's Beisl,
Tel: 6203-6980


  1. Ah, I saw this last Sat when I was around Solaris area. Looks sinfully good. Will give it a try once I round up some porky loving friends.

  2. The porkiest assault ever!! And only two of you at that? I am humbled and flabbergasted at the same time...

  3. ohh I was invited to an event here but couldn't make it...will have to give it a try someday :)

  4. boo: yeah, it's best to go in a crowd, cos there's lots to sample!
    500ml: we expected the portions to be smaller while ordering!
    alexandra: hope you like it ... there are both hits and misses on the menu...

  5. 2 of u and u had 3 big portions to share?? wow...

  6. we felt extremely unhealthy after that!

  7. Nice review! :-)

    The website is up no at: