Saturday, May 30, 2009

Shun @ Subang

Has there been a management change at Shun? Our latest visit left us wondering what happened to the restaurant we once liked.

Special toro sushi. This looked somewhat sad and was really bland.

Shun Special Wagyu steak.  Tasted more like regular beef.

Seafood motoyaki in honeydew shell. The grease content exceeded the seafood.

Shun No. 1. Chicken wrapped around seafood and avocado. Rather blah.

Even sake couldn't save the day! Hopefully things will be better the next time.

Subang Jaya.
Tel: 5637-9185


  1. sad when u like the food at one plc, came back w the same expectations & find it not as stellar as before...hate it when tht happens..

  2. yeah ... it happens too often, unfortunately...

  3. I've been to this place once, bout 1 year ago I guess. It was quite a delightful experience. Quite like this place. Hope they recover soon!

  4. yeah, am really wondering what happened!

  5. I know it's almost three years later, but there actually has been a management change in Shun. What a real pity, because their food was excellent in those times.

  6. Waverly: yikes. I guess sometimes management change can be a good thing, and it's unfortunate that in this case, it wasn't...