Sunday, May 24, 2009

Cinnamon @ Shangri-La

Lotsa tantalizing cakes, cookies and pastries here to satisfy our carb cravings.

The so-called "Obsession," a nicely designed cake that tasted like a smooth blend of cream cheese and white chocolate. Guilt-inducing, but we still finished every bite.

The almond cinnamon cake was slightly less successful. A bit on the dry side.

Some of these might look too pretty to eat, but they're also too pricey to buy.

Shangri-La Hotel.
Tel: 2032-2388
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  1. At first sight, the obsession cheesecake looks like a piece of cheese to me. Haha! Looks delicious, but if it's in Shangri-La, no doubt it would be pricey.

  2. heh, yeah maybe that's why i liked the design!

  3. I agree w Sugar Bean, looks like cheese to me!

  4. tastes cheesy too! :D

  5. go after 6pm or 7pm..its half price!!

    or if u hav the member card, its half price!

  6. sadly, the nicer cakes are not half-price, even at night! maybe with the member card though...