Friday, October 15, 2010

Village Roast Duck

A fresh option for Chinese food at Bangsar Village. This brightly lit outlet features friendly service, but the menu isn't especially exciting and prices seem arbitrary.

BBQ combo of char siew, roast duck & siu yoke. Rather expensive at 38 ringgit, considering the relatively paltry portion. Everything tasted tender and flavorsome enough, but there are more memorable versions elsewhere.

King prawns with pumpkin sauce (36 ringgit). Plump and reasonably fresh, but strangely greasy. Any sweet flavor from the pumpkin sauce was almost indiscernible.

Crispy aromatic duck with pancakes. Much more logically priced at 18 ringgit. A worthwhile option; the shredded duck was meaty and well-marinated. Tasted terrific with the thin, steaming-hot pancakes, hoisin sauce & cucumbers.

Hokkien mee (RM26.80). Contained the essential ingredients, including pork liver & crunchy lard. But completely lacking in "wok hei." Also too puny for the price.

Complimentary watercress soup. Had a nice, homemade feel.

The verdict: For Oriental cuisine at BV, Reunion still wins (for now).

Village Roast Duck,
1st Floor, Bangsar Village.


  1. I am not an expert in eating Hokkien mee but I am curious: what is important for a good Hokkien mee dish?

  2. well it looks like eating out is not cheap anymore isit..

    the upmarket price = upmarket place?

  3. Ooh. New restaurant in BV2! :)
    Pity about everything else but mmmmm, will go try the duck - sounds good.

  4. Such a rare thing: Sean eating chinese food! :P Not very encouraged to go, judging from your review.

  5. definitely agree with you. Reunion is still the best chinese dining outlet at BV

  6. I don't think I'll eat there...since I hate puny portions. And the expensive prices aren't helping either...

  7. Prawns and duck look good. I'm always happy for more options at BV anyway.

  8. michelle: oh, i'm not an expert either, but there's that smoky sweet/savoriness that really hits the spot...
    joe: hmmm, it looks more like midrange place though, kinda like canton fare or canton-i...
    j: there's peking duck too, and stir-fried duck in plum sauce! :D
    pureglutton: heheh, but i still eat chinese food more than malay and indian food combined. am not good with spicy food these days :D
    eiling: gosh, it's been more than a year since my last visit to reunion though...
    bangsar-babe: hopefully they'll adjust their prices downward soon! or increase their portions, heh :D
    lemongrass: yeah, somehow over the past year, BSC seems to have overtaken BV in terms of good dining options!

  9. how the err..(rhymes with duck) did i miss the aromatic duck! i lurve aromatic duck.RM18? for what? a drumstick ah? so cheap one?

  10. I just had dinner at Bisou earlier but the entire hour I was there, I did not see any customer walk into this Village Duck place!!!!

  11. FBB: the aromatic duck here is pretty good (and the portion is enough for at least two people!). It's a drumstick AND a thigh :D
    Babe_KL: I'm still hoping that this place gets better though, cos it definitely has potential =)

  12. You know what they say - Hokkien mee without wok hei ain't Hokkien mee in the first place. :P

  13. lfb: wasn't confucius the first one to say that? the man sure loved his 'wok hei' :D

  14. I dunno bout u guys but the duck here is the shiznit. 80 - 90% close to the roast duck at Gold Mine (London). So check it before you wreck it.

  15. brothermad: glad to hear u enjoyed it. somehow it didn't quite light up our taste buds, but i guess that's the way it goes =)

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