Friday, October 29, 2010


A soothingly sedate restaurant, where customers can linger over plates of pasta and intimate conversations while an Andrea Bocelli CD plays gently in the background.

The menu is large but mostly unadventurous; all the staples from bruschetta, lasagne and fettuccine carbonara to tiramisu and panna cotta are well-represented, but anyone seeking more unusual fare might be disheartened.

White pizza slices, served with marinated eggplant, olives, mozzarella & tomatoes with balsamic vinegar & extra virgin olive oil. Cumbersome to eat, but worth the effort. Warily scooping the veggies onto the thin, crisp pizza, we tried not to let everything fall all over the table before we could take a bite. The result was surprisingly tasty, like some crisp, carbohydratey salad.

Cannelloni stuffed with seafood in tomato sauce. Not bad; the pasta sheets might have been slightly too chewy, but they enveloped a fair bounty of prawns, mussels & other seafood, all nicely complemented by a creamy, cheesy sauce.

Pumpkin risotto, sauteed with butter, served with Parmigiano cheese & drizzled with extra virgin olive oil. We had mixed feelings about this; it tasted heavenly, with all the wholesome sweetness of pumpkin infused in every grain. Alas, it was the mushiest risotto we've had all year.

Ravioli stuffed with smoked salmon in tomato sauce. Competently prepared, but unmemorable. The taste of the salmon was strangely mild, making this a safe bet for anyone who'd prefer to eschew fishy flavors.

Baked bread pudding, made with fresh vanilla beans & custard and drizzled with limoncello. Undeniably delicious, with a fresh-tasting softness lacking in hotel buffet versions. The only caveat: we couldn't sense any liquor in this.

Astica Chardonnay (Argentina). Not a wonderful wine, but cheap at least.

Tropicana Golf & Country Resort.


  1. Who would've thought there's a place like this in the country club... then again, nobody expects a country club restaurant to be all that creative either eh?

  2. qwazymonkey: ya, i'm glad their restaurants are open to non-club members like us too! especially since i've never swung a golf club in my life :D

  3. Golf is not my thing too. :P

  4. arkk?
    When did tis open? Mz be new!
    And ur in PJ! wooho! Near Aman Suria. shud hav popped ovr to Betty's or Andes ;)

  5. Never swung a golf club in your life? Me neither. Though I can't say the same thing about other clubs... :P

  6. OOh. Is this new? Haven't seen it before... :)
    (Then again, havent been there for a while - think I went to Cuisine Studio almost 2 years ago already... How time flies)

  7. michelle: if i HAD to choose a sport, maybe i'd consider golf. but i'd rather be playing it in a cool, crisp climate :D
    tng: ahh, this place opened this month! one of these days, i'll drive a bit further to aman suria ... but not just yet! =)
    lfb: hmmm, well, to keep this PG-13, i can indeed imagine u in fred flintstone garb, clubbing a potential mate by the head and dragging him by the hair to your cave! :D
    j: yep, i guess golfers at tropicana could use some pasta to replenish their energy after a hard morning of golfing! :D but alas, cuisine studio is no longer at the tropicana club...

  8. Oh yes. By the head, indeed. ;)

    P.S. Why drag back to the cave. I like it outdoors. ;) ;)

  9. lfb: hmmm. so much pent-up sexual energy after only two or three days away. it's amazing how u ever manage to survive weeks separated from the devil :D
    p.s. caves don't have doors, so theoretically, there's no such concept as indoors or outdoors in the paleolithic era :P

  10. Good question. I don't I've ever spent more than nine days away (my recent East Malaysian trip). And that was torture. Sighs.

    P.S. Yes, but caves got roofs ma. Not outdoors if got roof and can't see the skies as one is clubbing away under the stars. :P

  11. wah so now you cari makan until the Golf club? Are you a member there?

  12. lfb: i guess the only consolation is that you managed to take tons of photos of dragons. and cats. ... hmmmmmm, wait. maybe there IS no silver lining here after all :D
    p.s. clubbing away? u mean in a pre-historic zouk that archaeologists haven't discovered yet? but anyways, if u were a caveman, u'd probably be pretty bored with the not-so-great outdoors :P
    eiling: nope, am not a member (and probably never will be, since i can't hit a golf ball to save my life). ooh, but i had to visit this place, since i lurrrrve italian :D

  13. Cats and Dragons. That could be the title of my first children's book. LOL

    P.S. I meant a different sorta clubbing but... hey, that works too. :P

  14. lfb: i'm sure the scene-stealer in your book will be the cute, cuddly rabbit with all the best lines
    p.s. be careful how you swing your club. in the wrong hands, these can be dangerous weapons :P

  15. Hmph. The best scene could jolly well be dumping that wackety wabbit down the rubbish chute (one available in the Empire shopping mall, I hear).

    P.S. Dangerous doesn't even begin to cover it...

  16. lfb: true, especially when we read about how the wabbit outsmarts its villainous foes, and THEY are the ones who get out tossed with the trash :D
    p.s. the wise ones among us always play safe :P

  17. Not this wabbit, I wager. *chuckles*

    P.S. The wise ones? You mean the cowardly wabbits? *chuckles some more*

  18. lfb: what kind of children's book is that if good doesn't triumph over evil? :P
    p.s. wabbits are natural-born wascals :D

  19. Wabbits aren't good/evil. They're mostly just food, if prepared properly.

    P.S. Wascals-in-a-pot, that's one recipe. :P

  20. au contraire. throughout history, wabbits have been a force for good. think of thumper (from bambi), the easter bunny, roger rabbit, peter rabbit, the velveteen rabbit, and even the energizer bunny :P
    of course, there are a few black sheep (black rabbits?) in our ranks, but those are vastly outnumbered by the friendly ones :D
    p.s. admittedly, rabbits ARE delicious. just google rabbit + "eat drink kl" and u'll see what i mean.

  21. Seriously, what good have any of those wabbits done aside from preventing many a kid from growing up to be a diner of bunny-meat? And that's hardly something worthy.

    I guess all wabbits, er, rabbits taste much the same if one is a good cook and has a trusty trove of herbs and spices, once the fur (white/black/otherwise) is removed.

    P.S. My point exactly! :P

  22. lfb: gasp! think of all the joy that the easter bunny has brought to countless children across the world over the years! sounds like someone needs a visit from the wabbits of easter past, present and future :D

  23. saw this place with my colleagues.. must pay it a visit soon!

  24. ciki: hope u enjoy it! (alcohol will help) :D