Thursday, October 21, 2010

Huize Van Wely

This Amsterdam-based enterprise has set up shop at Bangsar Shopping Centre, offering hand-made chocolates and pastries flown in from the Netherlands.

Products here are pricey, but chocolate-lovers might be thrilled by how smooth, creamy and rich everything tastes. Clockwise from right: Maison van Wely (bitter chocolate filled with orange confit & honey), English Caramel (soft cream caramel with vanilla) & Nougat Truffle.

Florentine Bouchee (honey, caramel, shaved almonds, orange confit, bigarreau), Noix Zebre (milk, bitter nut gianduja), Amandel Brulee (cream caramel, baked almonds), Prima Vera (bitter cream ganache, cream caramel) & Hazelnoot Gianduja (bitter chocolate, hazelnuts).

Juur Blanc (white chocolate, almond, walnut, pistachio, hazelnuts), Hazelnut Butterscotch (hazelnut paste, nougat chunks) & Caramel Truffle. Alas, although this Dutch company makes alcohol-laced chocolate in its home territory, none is available here in KL.

Caramel Delicieux (almond paste, caramel chocolate ganache, crunchy butterscotch) & Tonka Bouchee (cream tonka ganache with soft tonka filling). And yes, the two of us did experience temporary sugar shock after eating all this within an hour.

Boterrondje (a buttery orange cake that seemed superbly fresh) & Amandel Rondo (an almond cake that tasted like a medicinal, marzipan-ish mooncake).

Hot Chocolate. One of the best in town. Luxuriously milky and aromatic.

Cold Chocolate. Equally satisfying (especially on a sultry day).

Huize Van Wely,
Bangsar Shopping Centre, Kuala Lumpur.


  1. not bad..and for someone like me..i might to climb a hill to work off the energy! LOL

  2. tng: u have lots of muscles packed in that petite frame of yours! and muscles burn calories so much better, ok... :D

  3. and no stroopswaffle!!??? they can't call it amsterdam based!!!! ;P

  4. So this shop sells imported chocolates?

  5. For half a minute there, I thought this was your first instalment from your Eat Drink Europe series till I realise it's in BSC! Ah well, this will do till that series finally makes its appearance. :)

  6. Ooooh. Hot chocolate! :D
    (Hmmmmm. I wonder if I can have that for lunch today?)

  7. my favourite still goes to teuscher. their champagne truffle is absolutely heaven. Problem is heaven doesnt come cheap
    But i cant wait to try this hot chocolate!

  8. I passed this place a couple of times in the last two weeks. Had to relocate a store. Anyway, the prices were a turn off though. Sad.

  9. Are the prices comparable with Teuscher?

  10. irene: heheh, i guess that needs to be made fresh and not imported :D
    michelle: yeps, that's their forte!
    lfb: hope it whets your appetite for the europe series (which should start later this month). i never even saw these chocolates in amsterdam though :D
    j: hot chocolate sounds good, both for lunch or dinner! though maybe the weather today is more suitable for cold chocolate..
    augustdiners: oh yeah, i love the alcoholic teuscher varieties ... not just the champagne but also the grappa, brandy, wine and vodka! :D
    qwazymonkey: ya, true, we enjoyed the chocolates a lot, but we'll probably hesitate to try them again, mainly because of the cost!
    lemongrass: very similar, yeps. teuscher has the edge because of the alcoholic varieties :D

  11. wah this is very sinful but I like! Must try the hot chocolate since you said it was good.

  12. Eiling: oh ya, since your expertise is chocolate, u'll be able to gauge better than me whether the ones here are truly good. hope u like them!

  13. is this the only branch in KL? cheers~~

  14. Sofood: yep, i believe it is the only one =)