Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Soi 23

Nestled on the Pacific Regency's 23rd floor, this nicely furnished restaurant provides tongue-numbing Thai cuisine amid eye-catching views of KL's skyline.

The setting is serene and the service is stellar, all but ensuring a pleasant evening (even if the food isn't exactly rave-worthy).

Thick prawn soup with lemongrass & mushrooms. Spicy and sour _ our two least favorite sensations for the tastebuds. But tom yam lovers should have no complaints.

Oyster omelet. Fairly fluffy, with lotsa eggy flavor. Could have used more oysters in it, but that's a minor quibble, since we certainly enjoyed every bite.

Soft-shell crab sauteed with egg. Sinfully scrumptious, but not as oily as it looks.

Prawns in green curry with young coconut flesh. Slightly more watery than expected, but still sufficiently tasty and brimming with fresh ingredients.

Sea bass steamed with lemon & chilli sauce. A fiery recipe, but not overwhelmingly so; we could still savor the fish's natural sweetness without having to constantly gulp down cold water.

Roasted duck in red curry. Less flavorsome than we would have preferred; maybe adding some lychee or avocados might have helped.

Fried rice with crab meat. Also a tad too bland to recommend.

Sauvignon Blanc (Chile).

Soi 23,
Pacific Regency Hotel Suites,
Menara PanGlobal, Jalan Punchak, Off Jalan P. Ramlee.


  1. Lychee in curry? That would be the first!

  2. Michelle: oh, it actually pops up quite often in Thai curries (at least in KL) ... Sometimes there's even rambutan :D

  3. Love how they make steamed fishes look and taste so refreshingly good.
    Very hard to find a good Thai style steamed fish here.

  4. Cool. Good to see that they've more or less maintained their standards :)

  5. If spicy & sour are yr least fave flavours, why u go & eat Thai food ahh?:P This must be the 1st Thai food post I read in yr blog, correct?
    Anyway, welcum back - missed ya fine-dine posts!

  6. Is this a tentative step towards embracing the tongue-burning beauty of a really spicy meal?? Hoorayyy!

  7. I didn't know that there's a Road on 23rd Floor... LOL! "Soi" in Thai means road.. or maybe u already knew that!
    Sea bass steamed with lemon & chilli sauce is the way I gauge their standard of food! So far the best one that I had was in Krabi... yet to find good one in Malaysia

  8. j2kfm: yeah, i can't remember the last time before this that i had a really satisfying thai steamed fish! :D
    j: yep, their kitchen has somehow managed to maintain its standards over the past five years! too bad the crowds are still missing here...
    pureglutton: heheh, i like thai curries (even though my digestive system can't really handle spices)! on average, i eat thai food maybe once a month :D
    min: noooooo, it's merely an aberration! spices will kill me :D
    lfb: i'd say it's good to be back, but i still have mixed feelings about that! :D
    leo: heheh, i think soi 23 is a famous street for food in bangkok? have never eaten sea bass in thailand yet, but hope to do so someday :D

  9. I think the prices here will be quite steep looking at the ambiance. Just curious, how much is that omelette? haha

  10. eiling: yeah, prices are a bit above average, but sorry! i can't remember what the omelet costs (and too lazy now to dig up the receipt, heheh) :D

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