Friday, October 1, 2010


On a calm, cool night, Patio might seem like the Le Meridien's best dining option, thanks to the excellent eighth-floor view of the city skyline.

Snacks galore are offered here, but it's worth checking out the desserts, which basically come from Favola's kitchen.

Panna cotta, comprising soft, smooth almond custard cream, fruit minestrone, a sugar veil & orange wafer.

Illy Coffee-inspired tiramisu. Good, but not as great as the first time we had it at Favola. Somehow, the spark seemed missing.

Lemon ricotta cheese cake with raspberry sauce. Creamy and crumbly.

We liked the gelati, which would rank among KL's top 10. Nevertheless, the flavours we had were fairly unadventurous: straciatella, tiramisu and rum & raisin.

Blazer (a potent concoction containing cognac, grand marnier, orange, sugar & angostura bitters) & Mojito Limpio (a lame mocktail).

Check out for updates on the hotel's monthly promotions, many of which are very tempting.

Le Meridien Kuala Lumpur.


  1. Eep! I wanna have gelati in Favola already!

  2. Hmm, rarely-alcoholic ol' me is finding the Blazer rather interesting... :D

  3. u didn't eat their Cassata??
    I had the tiramisu not long ago... all of us actually thought that the tiramisu's texture was weird!

  4. i think the only thing I'm interested to try is the Illy coffee inspired Tiramisu. so Favola is better?

  5. The lemon ricotta cheesecake sounds most tempting now, with the gloomy weather. ;)

  6. Hmm the Patio's food looks like stuff from Favola?

  7. Ok, the panna cota looks better tis time than the tiramsu..

  8. michelle: yikes! if only u weren't hundreds of miles away!
    lfb: it might knock your socks off! (and other parts of your impeccably selected attire too) :P
    leo: oh ya, the tiramisu's texture is a bit unusual, but i like it, heheh! :D
    eiling: favola has the wider spread of italian food. but for after-dinner drinks, u can head to patio :D
    bangsar-babe: a good cheesecake can help ease many of our problems! :D
    qwazymonkey: yeah, the desserts come from the same kitchen =)
    tng: heheh, some people will indeed prefer the panna cotta :D

  9. is this a full course dining or just for dessert?

  10. augustdiners: just desserts! :D