Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Returning here only a few days after our first visit, we were kinda worried we'd be served the same dishes all over again. Our fears proved unfounded.
Click here for previous entry on Millesime (Oct. 18).

We wolfed down the amuse bouche so quickly this time, we forgot to ask what it was. Basically mini-quiches, containing what tasted like smoked salmon. We loved how light they were, with a hot-from-the-oven feel that (once again) left us desiring more.

Marlin fish layered with smoked oysters, salmon roe & remoulade. A wondrously weird mix; our first bite of the swordfish-like fillet with the mayo-ish sauce made this taste like a French recipe. But when the roe burst in our mouths, it turned Japanese. Then once we chewed on the oysters, a Chinese influence emerged.

Pan-seared foie gras. As satisfying as goose liver gets; the apricot jam & French mirabelle plums were a noteworthy change from the usual accompaniments for foie gras.

Piquillo pepper with crab meat & saffron aioli. Something in which a Spanish restaurant might specialize. Rich and creamy enough to recommend (and unlike what some other outlets offer, the taste of saffron was distinct and delightful).

Thyme-&-lemon baked cod fish with rosemary jus. Probably the least memorable dish we've had here so far. Moist, fresh-tasting fish, with a subtle infusion of flavors _ but not a recipe that would thrill taste buds (unless you really like cod).

Unagi fillet with duck foie gras terrine & cauliflower mousseline. Always a pleasure to have any variation of this luscious eel-&-liver combo. Delicate but decadent.

Roasted French quail fillet with glazed chestnuts & morels. Our undisputed favorite for the evening; a surprisingly sizable slab of tender meat, soaked in thick, earthy sauce, with stunningly cooked chestnuts that nearly melted in our mouths.

Valrhona bittersweet chocolate souffle with Amarena cherry ice cream. No complaints, but pretty much typical of desserts at many good eateries.

Mischief & Mayhem Buorgogne Pinot Noir (2006, Nuits-Saint-Georges). Supple tannins for a soft finish, but more of a splurge for us at RM560.

Kaesler The Bogan Shiraz, 2006 (Barossa Valley). Full-bodied, with complex, intense notes. A bit more affordable at RM370. Note how our mineral water remained virtually untouched.

Ground Floor, Menara Kencana Petroleum,
Solaris Dutamas, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 6211-0648
Closed most Sundays.


  1. Your blog just made me realise that we were in fact offered 18th's degustation menu as an alternative to the 19th set lunch menu. Glad you enjoyed yours.

  2. baby sumo: oh ya, it's definitely safer to call ahead and confirm in advance whether max will be cooking, if u plan to eat here. so far, the dinners have been worthwhile, but i probably won't risk having lunch here just yet...

  3. So max does not cook all the time?

  4. abit of a splurge at rm560? aiks!

    so how much does max charge for his degustation menu?

  5. good lorrrd.. what was ur bill.. surely more than ours on sunday.. hehe :P

  6. michelle: so far, he's been here during peak periods, but since the restaurant is open throughout the day, there are some hours when he's away..
    joe: his menus this week cost RM150++ for about five courses. quite filling :D
    lfb: eel and liver and sea urchin and truffles and avocado and risotto ... even more yums! :D
    ciki: it was quite pricey, but two-thirds of the cost was because of the wine!

  7. Oh if only I had your hardy belly that can stomach all these rich and decadent foods on a DAILY basis without expiring ahead of schedule. Pray tell, what is the secret of your elixir of life after overeating? :P

  8. lfb: would u believe i hike up and down bukit tabur every morning to burn the calories? ermm, no? or how about that i toil three days a week at construction sites? still no? ok lah, then let's just assume i made a deal with the devil, and signed away my soul in exchange for a lifetime of endless eating :D

  9. Endless Eating? Hmm, somehow I don't think Diana Ross & Lionel Ritchie covered this version... :P

  10. lfb: luther vandross & mariah carey did! (as you might have figured out from mariah's current figure)

  11. The Thyme-&-lemon baked cod fish with rosemary jus was my main for lunch.Hence u can udrstd why i wasnt impressed at all.

  12. tng: ya, it's my least favorite dish so far here. but then again, i'm not really a fan of cod ... or sea bass, or red snapper, or dory :D

  13. I gather the moral of the story is to avoid going for lunch here?

  14. lemongrass: thank goodness i nearly never eat lunch anywhere anyway :D

  15. Just called max for my dinner tonight and he told me that you insist on dining there! Hmmph cos I scolded him why he allowed you to be there before me!

  16. Eiling: kesian, kena marah! but I'm betting that u managed to enjoy an especially great dinner here in the end :D