Thursday, October 7, 2010


It's the flavor of the week at Mid Valley: Brotzeit is heaving with lively customers eager to chug down German beer while munching on pork.

One consequence of the crowds: service can be iffy. Several staff members are supremely patient, friendly and knowledgeable, but others seem unhelpful or lost. Some of our orders for drinks were mixed up; in the end, we were over-charged on our bill and never got back our change after paying, despite asking twice.

Nearly every table had a pork knuckle. Ours turned out startlingly tough, dry and chewy, with only a small amount of crisp skin. But that might not be the norm; our neighbors were savoring one that looked somewhat more succulent when sliced open. Rather pricey at RM85 though.

Weisswurst (Munich white sausages). Traditional Bavarian veal-&-pork sausages, with home-made pretzel. These came in a bowl of hot water _ apparently the authentic way of serving them. Soft and juicy enough to recommend, but ultimately, they tasted like regular sausages.

Thin-crust fladenbrot (flatbread) with belly bacon, leg ham, tomatoes, bell peppers, cocktail onions, mushrooms & mozzarella. An addictive snack, but we might say the same about Domino's Pizza. The pork toppings could even be mistaken for beef.

Johann Auer Dunkle Weisse. A dark-wheat variety that proved delicious _ a description that I rarely use for beer. Refreshingly light too.

Bavarian schnapps in two flavors: Kirschwasser (cherry) & Zwetschgenwasser (plum). Strong stuff; not as easy as expected to down.
Brotzeit is a welcome addition to Mid Valley; there's no doubt it will thrive here, just as it has in its home base of Singapore. There's plenty to keep beer-lovers happy, but the rest of us might need more compelling reasons to keep returning.

Mid Valley Megamall,
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


  1. Oh I was jz getting my post ready!
    Hmm..guess I was luckier being the customer durin lunch time..but the pork knuckle i had was good.
    Likewise fr the pizza, funky dark coloured dough! ;p

  2. tng: ya, maybe it's best to head here during off-peak hours. i was here for dinner, and the kitchen might have been overwhelmed by orders. the food is still definitely better than ordinary bar/pub offerings, and they have the potential to be a really good restaurant, not just a watering hole :D

  3. The weisswurst does taste like normal sausages. My german flatmate prepared that once and it was just normal...

  4. nvr go visit a bar/pub during peak hours, had plenty of incidents where we r either double charged or overcharged..i suppose the drunks are the easiest to "con"

  5. What a waste. Hopefully this place can become more consistent soon...

    Now I'm a bit scared to go there as there seems to be a 50-50 chance whether it'll be a good experience (like TNG's) or not (like yours)....

  6. Urghhh. Not returning the change is terrible!

  7. exact location pls :) I'm a regular patron at MV and 1U. Sometimes I feel like having a glass of beer to quench my thirst!
    If they dare not to give back the change, misplaced our orders or even gave us the wrong orders... my Jenn surely will turn the outlet upside down!

  8. Ehem... now only i noticed that your post and becky's are on the same day! both of you had a date there or was it just a coincidence?

  9. Hmm... better wait a bit until they "settle in" before going there. Being new, there's always the tendency to have such "teething issues" i guess!

  10. michelle: heh, i can't remember what my favorite type of german sausage is :D
    joe: phew, luckily we weren't drunk, and we checked our bill. but i do believe it was an honest mistake, due to the crowds and the circumstances...
    j: i do think this place is worth checking out. it gets too noisy during peak hours for intimate conversations, but it's a cheerful place for just hanging out for an hour or two after work :D
    lemongrass: the change was about 7 ringgit ... but we couldn't wait any longer!
    leo: oops, it's at mid valley's boulevard, same end of the row as chili's and spaghetti grill. wah, i would have liked to have jenn there during that dinner then, so she could have helped us get our change, heheh. oh, and no, becky was there at a different time, when it was much less crowded :D
    pureglutton: yeah, but sometimes it's unclear how much time is enough time. and some places start out good, but deteriorate after awhile. so it's always a risk, heheh

  11. I'm going to sit out for a month or so... perfect, seeing that I have embarked on a dry spell this month. They better have the inconsistencies ironed out by the time Nov rolls around, because I'm gonna need that DRINK!

  12. min: a self-imposed hiatus? all the best, really! i don't think i have your fortitude ... i'd be hitting the bottle within five days!

  13. My experience at Brotzeit wasn't as bad as Sean.

    In fact, I think they did a pretty good job for a first night! It was packed as hell. I saw a couple of hiccups that night like a customer getting beer spilled on them, glasses falling and breaking. Hell, even I got double charged! But you know what, it's their first night and it was really a big crowd so my hats off to them for keeping it together.
    As PureGlutton said, there will always be issues with new restaurants.

    I don't think this restaurant is out to 'con' us drinkers of our money. It's a pretty classy place and I'm sure the people who started it have a reputation to keep.

    In fact, I think I saw Sean and his bunch. What's up with all the whingeing from your friends man. "Macam celebrity je. Nak VVIP treatment ke ni? Tapi ape ape pun kate mahal." Didn't I see the chef come out to your table too?

    I'll definitely go back to Brotzeit to dine, or even just for beer! There's just something about the setup which I find is a little more than the rest. Very classy.

  14. Hmm, didn't they serve the Weisswurst with some sweet mustard? That's how we ate it in Munich.

  15. Mal: thank you for leaving your comments. I'm genuinely glad you like the restaurant, and I agree that it's one of the nicer hangouts at mid valley. But I'm afraid you have me confused with some other guy. I was here with only one other friend, not a bunch of friends. The chef did not come to our table, and the two of us did not whinge to any restaurant staff members.
    Baby sumo: ohh there was some accompanying sauce by the side, but am not sure it was mustard :D

  16. For Mr Mo, I'll go there anytime :D

    Please do let me know if you wanna go next time kakaka

  17. wilson: ohh btw, your organic brunch sounds interesting. summore got quinoa salad, which i lurrrrve. but sooooo early on a sunday morning! will still be fast asleep, heheh :D

  18. wahhh new joint in Midvalley.. good to know they serve pork! We need more of these places.

  19. eiling: yep, it definitely helps to fill a void at mid valley! :D

  20. Next to Pao Xiang Bah Kut Teh, I'm nicknaming this corner the "Pork Corner"!

    Come savour authentic bavarian food. Our chef is from Bavaria, so you know the food is authentic! We serve the best bier in town, served at 9-12 degrees simply because we want you to taste the bier and if it's too cold, you lose the flavor! Even when the bier warms down, it doesn't lose its good flavor, unlike other brands which taste like 'piss' when it becomes warm!

  21. Leo: mid valley definitely could use a good pork corner. Here's hoping that brotzeit will eventually spread its wings to pavilion, bsc and other malls too! :D

  22. I do not see any problem with brotzeit KL food and service. I was there 5 days in a row after work from Monday to Friday last week. I had the Pork Knuckle twice, Pork Ribs once, Fladen 5 times, Sausage Platter 3 times, loads of Paulaner Dunkel and Dark Lager! All were fantastic!

    Great FOOD! Good Service!

    I was patient with their service as they just opened on the 5th October 2010. They are only 12 days old as of today! Service takes time to tweak and I am sure that brotzeit will do well as the food they serve are of quality stuff!

    You pay for quality... so if you cannot afford, do not bother to go there and complain after! LOL!

    I will be there again next week for my Pork Knuckle! RAWRRR!!!

  23. Walauwei: glad u've found a hangout u love!

  24. lfb: luckily then, mid valley isn't far at all from your (real) physical home! :D

  25. Good location.....looking forward to coming there. Good luck.