Monday, October 25, 2010


Brux-Ale brings something different to Bangsar: uncommon recipes & beers from Belgium.

North Sea gray shrimp croquettes. Absolutely addictive; the shrimps' sweet oceanic brininess went so well with the melt-in-the-mouth texture of the cheese-stuffed potato croquettes.

Pork belly with French beans & potatoes, a specialty of Belgium's Liege province. Not the healthiest salad around _ but with such tender, finger-lickin'-good meat, velvety carbs and crunchy veggies, it's definitely to die for.

Asparagus with soft-cooked eggs & butter sauce. Gooey comfort food; the reason why this recipe has reputedly remained popular since the Middle Ages is deliciously, devilishly clear.

Terrine of pork & chicken liver. Not as robust-tasting as the best ones out there, but nevertheless seemed fairly fresh and not overly processed.

Pork sausage with stoemp. Irresistible; we gobbled up every flavor-packed bite of the succulent sausage and the super-thick puree of potatoes, veggies & herbs.

Meli melo of seafood in waterzooi. So, meli melo means "jumble," while waterzooi is broth thickened with egg yolk & cream. A watery but savory stew, brimming with salmon, mussels & gray shrimp. Couldn't help mopping up every last drop with some bread.

Belgian Congo Koukouyakalanga chicken. A legacy of Belgium's colonial history in Africa. We loved the warm, creamy curry, carefully calibrated with herbs and spices that turned it into the perfect partner for the moist, coconut-infused rice.

White Lady ice cream. Basically vanilla ice cream with hot chocolate sauce. Sounded simple, but tasted indulgent, thanks to the delectably rich ice cream.

Belgian chocolate mousse. Luxuriously soft, smooth and aromatic.

Liege-style coffee ice cream. Let it melt a little and slurp it up like a milkshake.

Tasting set of Belgian beers: Blanche de Bruxelles white ale, 4.5% vol. alc. (our favorite _ the least bitter and easiest to drink); Floreffe Blonde Belgian Abbey Ale, 6%; Floreffe Double Brown, 6%; Belgian Kriek Cherry Beer, 3.5%.

Barbar with honey, Belgian Strong Ale, 8% vol. alc. (2009 Gold Medal).

Floreffe Prima Merlior, Abbey Strong Ale, 8% (2009 Gold Medal).

Beaujolais Blanc 2009 (Bel-Air 2010 Paris Bronze Medal) & Cattier Brut.

Beaujolais Rose 2008 (Chateaux La Bourdonierre, 2009 Paris Gold Medal) & Bougongne Morgon 2004. French wines dominate the menu.

Cum Shot (butterscotch liquor, baileys, whipped cream) & Warped Willie (vodka, amaretto, lime cordial). Plenty of cocktails and shots here for beer-haters.

Frozen Russian (baileys, vodka, creme de cacao, vanilla ice cream) & Butterscotch Daiquiri (rum, butterscotch liquor, lime juice).

The two of us were totally stuffed, but only half-drunk. Our alcohol tolerance is back!

4, Jalan Telawi 2, Bangsar Baru.


  1. Which beer is your pick? How's the pricing over there?

  2. Marc: I liked the Blanche de Bruxelles white ale, cos it was light and refreshing (u can tell I'm not really a fan of beer). Prices here are moderate; the entire meal above cost 680 ringgit. Most of the dishes and drinks were about 25-40 ringgit each.

  3. Belgian cuisine in KL! This is interesting!

  4. u never fail to amaze me with the amount of food and booze u consume over 1 meal, incredible!

    like the last picture, looks like you are transported to belgium? haha.

  5. LOL. Sean, that salad doesn't really look like a salad. It looks like lots of yummy pork with some decorative stalks of vegetables... :)

  6. So which outlet did they take over? The walls look strangely familiar.

  7. Pork belly with French beans & potatoes? Now THAT's what I call a salad! :D

  8. If only vegetables are served with pork belly and butter sauce...I would SO willingly eat my greens! =P

  9. Yummy - can't wait to try this place out

  10. michelle: yeah, we need more variety in kl! as much as i love italian food, there's always room for other unexplored cuisine :D
    joe: heheh, well, this was consumed over a four-hour period, so there was plenty of time. actually i believe the owner and chef here are belgian, so they probably have a lot of touches to remind them of home =)
    j: that's the kind of salad i adore! i try to eat more veggies at restaurants, but i'm always tempted by the heartier courses. am also working on eating more fruits, but that's even more difficult! :D
    lemongrass: sharp eyes! this used to be cipolla, everyone's favorite non-halal italian restaurant at telawi. they've kept a lot of the furnishing (and even the cocktail menu!)
    lfb: pork belly, french beans, potatoes AND a stupendous serving of 'see ham' would be what I call a salad! don't the belgian eat and love cockles too?! :D
    bangsar-babe: ya lor ... maybe someone should open a salad restaurant, offering as many different salad recipes as possible: some healthy ones, and many unhealthy ones!
    chris: hope u enjoy it! if i had to choose just a few dishes, i'd go with the croquettes, the asparagus, the chicken and/or the sausage with stoemp =)

  11. that's just nuts. u drank so much and didn't even get there. tolerance is one thing.. but I think we should enroll u in AA :P haha

  12. ciki: but i don't need AA! i have tons of self-control. in fact, i haven't drank a drop of alkie in more than 12 hours!!! :D

  13. You, my friend, are totally cockle-eyed. :P

  14. lfb: respect the cockle. :D

  15. Lfb: proof that inspiration comes to us best when we're tipsy :D

  16. wah the beers certainly look interesting especially the one with multi colours!

  17. Eiling: yep, even a non-beer lover like me was attracted to some of them! :D

  18. Sounds like a new intersting plc to check out! I'm intrigued and excited with KL food again! LOL

  19. Tng: heheh... I'm hoping they'll expand their menu, cos I guess there should be more Belgian recipes that they could still offer!