Thursday, October 28, 2010

Ad Hog

Ad Hog is the truest definition of a hidden gem, secluded in a semi-industrial zone, seemingly not within walking distance of any other restaurants. But before the year is over, this cleverly named enterprise is likely to be on many pork-lovers' lips.

It's not a large space, but it can accommodate anyone. Customers clad in singlets, shorts and slippers can feel comfortable and welcome here, but it's also warmly romantic enough to even play host to a marriage proposal. If you're lucky, the gregarious proprietors will stop by your table and regale you with tales of their escapades in Bali and beyond.

Our mission was to sample their "babi guling," a dish we haven't found elsewhere in the Klang Valley. We loved the version here _ tender pork, beautifully marinated in aromatic herbs & spices, accompanied by moist & fragrant rice, veggies, crackers & chili. Generally available for lunch only, but call in advance and you should be able to reserve some for dinner.

Their roast pork was a stunner. I could attempt to praise the crunchy crackling and melt-in-the-mouth meat, but ultimately, this beggars description. It has to be eaten to be believed.

These are "Chic Pogs" _ chicken thigh stuffed with pork sausage & wrapped in bacon. If that sounds like your kind of dish, then let's just say it tastes as terrific as it sounds.

Not everything here is a surefire hit though. The pork shoulder steak was less succulent than expected, but that's because the bar had been raised so high by the earlier offerings.

We liked the BBQ pork ribs, though there's more fine-tuning to be done before we can call this a bona fide triumph, partly because the marinade failed to penetrate all the way through, leaving part of the meat rather bland. But that's nitpicking, really.

Several experimental, off-the-menu recipes include the pork tail _ a sublime blend of brittle skin encasing what seemed to be the purest and most pleasurable of porcine fat.

Customers on this recent evening were also fortunate enough to savor a complimentary serving of the restaurant's first-ever Spanish suckling pig.

Still a work in progress. The texture was perfect; we couldn't have asked for crispier skin or juicier meat. But the flavor was somewhat off. That will doubtlessly be rectified.

Date-ly cake with ice cream. Decent, but definitely not the highlight of dinner.

Nevertheless, we very much relished the rum ice cream with whole almonds, black jelly & fruits. A textural treat, though the flavor of booze was terribly faint.

Ad Hog,
25, Jalan PJU 3/45, Sunway Damansara.
Tel: 7804-7813


  1. the dessert look very similar to the 1 at checkers damansara, some link there?

    wheres the cracker on the babi guling???

  2. Hmm a little far away but I'm sure if i told my dad about this place, he would love it. He loves pork. :D

  3. Time for me to discover some ad hoc hog! :D

  4. Joe: we mentioned "checkers" to the owner too, cos we kinda got a similar vibe from this place in general! He just laughed and didn't really answer :D oh, the cracker is on the top-left side of the pic...
    Michelle: yeah, it's kinda far for me too ... Nearly an hour's drive from my office after work =)
    Lfb: hope u have a good working gps, cos that's the only way we managed to reach this place without getting hopelessly lost ... Don't hog all the Babi guling though! :P

  5. Wow, great porky find Sean. Must go check it out one day.

  6. Boo: it's pretty close to home for u, luckily, if u use the penchala link! Though the traffic on pesiaran surian after that can be unpredictably pesky...

  7. You always seem to find the most interesting new places! Your food radar is very powerful! :P

  8. j: the radar only works for certain areas in the klang valley! if i try to use it in SS2, for example, it crashes instantly! :D

  9. well well well... you even manage to discover hidden gem tucked inside an industrial area! For someone who lives nearby (me) , I still didn't know about its existence! But I know this place and I swear that I will try their babi guling one afternoon for lunch!

  10. leo: ya, they don't have a signboard yet, so it's a bit hard to notice unless u're actually looking for it. ohh, they have beers too, so u'll probably enjoy drinking that with your babi guling, heheh...

  11. in that case I should pay more attention.. and NO!! Don't tempt me with pork + beer combination :( sinful!

  12. I don't believe in GPS. Just Google Maps plus a healty dose of my inherent sense of direction. :P

    P.S. Babi guling? ALL MINE, AITELYU, ALL MINE. MUahhahahaHAHHAHAHahahah...

  13. i assume there's no tail in "pork tail"? wonder which cut is used for that dish....

  14. leo: hoegaarden with roast pork. nice wat. heheheheh :D
    lfb: hmph, i've witnessed such over-confidence in others before, and it's taken them to ss22 when they meant to go to ss2 :P
    p.s. hmmm, i guess if u ever get banished to an island, u should choose bali :D
    lemongrass: ohhh there seemed to be a tiny piece of bone in it (or maybe that was my imagination). i wouldn't have guessed what it was, but the proprietor said 'pork tail.' am quite trusting in such matters :D

  15. I swear I will find this place one day! :P
    Sean, u r soo evil, tempting us laidis!

  16. pureglutton: yeah, i could totally imagine myself as a serpent in a tree, offering a bite of a delicious apple to Eve (and Adam too, of course) :D

  17. You may not have known this but I used to live and work in PJ Damansara. So it's sorta like home ground to moi. *cackles*

    P.S. Oh yes, if one had to remain on an island for life, the babi-friendly Bali would be my first choice. Plus, it's pretty (from what I hear - not been there yet; only had local versions of their babi guling, sobs sobs).

  18. i got to find a group of 5 min to try all these dishes..
    No pork burger ar? ;p

  19. lfb: but malacca used to be home ground to moi. but now, i probably can't tell jalan bunga raya from jalan ong kim wee :D
    p.s. i've never been to bali either! well, actually i have, but it was for work. and all i saw was the airport, our hotel, and the road between the airport and hotel :P
    tng: ya, u're right, the dishes here would actually be ideal for sharing. hmmmmm, didn't notice any pork burger on their makeshift menu, but maybe they'll introduce it soon, after more people request it! :D

  20. How can you NOT differentiate Jalan Bunga Raya and Jalan Ong Kim Wee? One's for the best spicy wan tan mee in town, and the other's famed (perhaps unjustly) for its satay celup?

    I guess I may be worthy of the Malacca Boy moniker than you, my friend... :P

    P.S. Aiya, such a waste. Next time you go, carry me in your luggage. Then I can go swim, sun and play while you go work. LOL

  21. lfb: have i ever had that wantan mee? i'm not sure. but i'd choose succulent cockles dipped in thick, creamy peanut sauce anytime over chewy noodles and soggy morsels of meat :D
    p.s. bah, if i bring u along, u have to earn your keep. which means by bringing back babi guling for me at the hotel (and anything else drool-worthy u might stumble on at the beach, ahem).

  22. You may not have had, and that would be a pity. The noodles are home-made and better than many a pricey la mian restaurant dotted all over KL's shopping malls.

    The cockles you may have them. Like, ALL of them. Eww.

    P.S. Haha, I'd prolly feast on them stumbled-upon treasures first (only to QC for you, you understand, yes?) before giving them the (boot-)stamp of approval and presenting them on your platter. Just don't say sloppy seconds and we'd all be grateful. Heh.

    P.P.S. And how is it a first to chatter away on more than one post at the same time. We seem to indulge in this all the time on your blog; can't be that much of a stretch to do it on mine, right? :P

  23. since u mentioned shopping malls, i do recall the two at jalan bunga raya: madam king's and lian fatt. i'm sure both have gone the way of the dodo by now, but they were the height of glamor and sophistication in their heyday, right. then again, i recall how exciting mahkota parade used to seem too :D
    p.s. i only accept unspoilt goods :P
    p.p.s. well, we now have multiple chats on multiple posts with multiple post-scripts. even stephen hawking might be hard-pressed to keep everything straight! :D

  24. Yeah, Madam's King. The name made no sense but yah, used to be the bee's knees back in the day.

    P.S. It is unspoilt. Just tried and tested. QC ma. :P

    P.P.S. Is that what Stephen Hawking does - keep stuff straight? :P

  25. wow this is in sunway damansara? must warrant a visit and I like the name of this place.. very creative...

  26. lfb: 'the bee's knees' is a phrase that never made any sense to me either! googling it for its origin barely helps :D
    p.s. that makes it impure already. i demand absolute freshness in my products :P
    p.p.s. if he can explain the space-time continuum, he should be able to make sense of our gibberish too (though i doubt he'd think it's worth the chore) :D
    eiling: ya, i still get confused between what the difference is between sunway damansara and kota damansara ... but i guess we could say this place is in sunway damansara, which is in kota damansara =)

  27. Heh, but it sounds cool ma.

    P.S. Absolute freshness? Like extra-virgin lubrication oil? Tee hee.

    P.P.S. I doubt it. His grey matter is probably from a different planet from ours. :P

  28. lfb: i prefer 'the cat's pajamas.' at least that one provides nice imagery :D
    p.s. that doesn't sound like the sort of oil that i'd wanna taste on my spaghetti aglio olio :P
    p.p.s. he's from earth and we're from mars? :D

  29. Pussy in pajamas? But I much prefer a good pussy out of pajamas. Make that a naughty pussy, actually...

    P.S. Well, skip the aglio, and maybe your spaghetti may be more palatable to your desired clientele. *sniggers*

    P.P.S. I'm pretty sure I'm from Pluto. You, we'd need the crew from Star Trek to even begin hoping to track your galaxy of origin. :P

  30. lgb: omg! this is bordering on bestiality! :P
    p.s. i'm in the mood for penne :D
    p.p.s. i wouldn't mind boldly going where no man has gone before :P

  31. Not the sort of pussy I'm think about, it's not. :P

    P.S. Penne? I've never heard of you enjoying pasta with holes... Oh wait, I geddit. :P

    P.P.S. No sane man, yes.

  32. lfb: *shows off cheshire cat-like grin*
    p.s. maybe u can explain it to me then, cos even i don't understand what i'm saying anymore :D
    p.p.s. if i get to go there with captain kirk (chris pine, not william shatner), then beam me up! :P

  33. Nope. Wrong pussy.

    P.S. Hahahaha...

    P.P.S. Chris Pine? Okay, make that delusional too. :P

  34. Lfb: *whips out sword like puss in boots of 'shrek' fame*
    p.s. if no one understands me, can anyone stand me. hmmmmm
    p.p.s. Zachary quinto's Spock would do too. :D

  35. Good job Sean. Nice Babi Guling huh? but loved the Roast Pork

  36. nigel: thanks! yep, one of the most memorable roast porks in town, for sure! :D