Sunday, October 31, 2010

D Legends

Che Guevara, Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, Bob Marley, Run-DMC, Bruce Lee & the Beatles _ larger-than-life portraits of these icons line the walls of D Legends, a friendly neighborhood hangout that serves satisfyingly porky pub grub and cool cocktails.

Wild boar rendang. Tender and not terribly oily, thankfully. Super-spicy though!

Their pork burger (nicely priced at RM15) might not be the stuff of legends just yet _ but with such a juicy, flavorsome patty to sink our teeth into, it's well worth recommending.

Long Island Iced Tea & Green Apple Margarita. Reasonably potent drinks.

P.S. He isn't famous anymore, but does anyone remember Eddie Money? Here's an exceptional cover of his brilliant 1991 Top 40 hit, "I'll Get By": "Tell you somethin' baby, there will come a day, when I can open up my heart and love again." Still gets me every time.

D Legends Bar,
Jalan Datuk Sulaiman, Taman Tun Dr Ismail.
Tel: 7725-6270


  1. There seems to be a sharp increase in non-halal restaurants!

  2. michelle: supply and demand? heheh...

  3. "Tell you somethin' baby, there will come a day, when I can open up my heart and love again."

    Wah. So emo one. But, I guess it does go well with the babi burger, no? :P

    P.S. Just had to take a jab above, since you so rarely wear your heart on your blog sleeve. Touching. :)

  4. Ooh, am surprised -was under impression this place was entirely about guzzling up the cheap beer/stout promos. I've avoided it like a plague on accout of the much maligned "D" in its name, but goes to show, I shouldn't judge a joint by its moniker!

  5. lfb: eh, just quoting song lyrics wat, where got emo. but it did remind me that so few good heartbreak ballads make it on the pop charts these days. what do today's teenagers listen to when they need a good cry... :D
    p.s. no need to wear heart on blog sleeve, since i recently featured (chicken) heart yakitori from marufuku on this blog already :P
    min: i think the appearance of this outlet from outside can also be a bit of a turnoff ... it doesn't look quite as cheerful or inviting as sid's, tom dick & harry's, and the other brighter bars at ttdi...

  6. Hmm, I wouldn't know what teens like these days. Unlike someone, I don't build altars to 15 and 19 year-olds... :P

    P.S. A chicken heart surely can't compare to your human/wabbit heart?

  7. lfb: ooh, that reminds me, i haven't mentioned 13-year-old budding heartthrob greyson chance (born aug. 16, 1997), who just released his first single last week :D
    p.s. if my heart ever gets featured as yakitori on this blog, that will probably be the last entry u'll ever see from me :P

  8. Aiyo... what do you do, track all the teen-some tunesters as they leave their mommy's armpits? :P

    P.S. True true. So better not lah.

  9. lfb: these young over-achievers make the rest of us feel like such slackers :D
    p.s. someone else's heart though might be a different story :P

  10. They do, don't do. Little young whipper-snappers. Bah.

    P.S. ROFL. So evil lah you. Cannibal!

  11. wah wild boar rendang?!! super spicy.. hmm maybe not for me. I like those super legend paintings though. nice!

  12. lfb: ya, if i could go back in time, i'd have tried to take singing classes at the age of five :D
    p.s. feel free to let me know if u can find a volunteer :P
    eiling: yep, my stomach is too sensitive for spicy food too, sigh! and yeah, heheh, i love james dean! :D

  13. Our Malaccan Michael Jackson? :P

    P.S. Uhm, maybe you can put an advert in the Classifieds and try your luck? Prolly be illegal though... :P

  14. lfb: prodigies are made, not born :D
    p.s. i'll make it a cryptic classified ad. "seeking lonely heart for a delectable meal" :D

  15. So, it's "A Star is... Made?"

    P.S. Oh that is just P.E.R.F.E.C.T. I dare you, go post one up. :D

  16. lfb: stars are born, but SUPERSTARS are made :D
    p.s. only if u join me for the meal :P

  17. Ok lah, let it rest at that. Can't out-talk/argue you. :P

    P.S. Uhm, no thanks. Like, ever. :P

  18. lfb: yay! victory is mine :D
    p.s. human heart would make a nice topping for udon. can suggest to sanuki, to jazz up their menu a bit :D