Friday, October 22, 2010


After visiting Millesime three times in the past week, we'll probably take a break from this outlet for awhile _ but we still can't stop licking our lips at the thought of future meals here.
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It's always a guessing game when the amuse bouche arrives at the table. This time, we were right when we half-shouted, "smoked salmon with cherry tomatoes!" (OK, obvious enough) Not our favorite starter though; seemed like something we'd find a bit too easily at a buffet counter.

Portobello mushrooms with parmesan & beef bresaola. The pillow-soft mushrooms were chunky and earthy, while the beef had a nice, lean saltiness, but the overall blend of tastes and textures was merely pleasant, nothing more.

Scallops sandwiched with tuna loin & baby yellow squash. The turning point for this meal; we'd have totally enjoyed the moist, perfectly cooked scallops on their own, but the fish (which tasted like cured meat) worked as a cushion of savoriness that made everything even better.

Freshwater yabbies with black truffle vinaigrette. Plump and juicy, with a natural sweetness complemented so completely and fittingly by the fragrant truffles.

Halibut fillet with snails in parsley cream. An addictive combo reminiscent of hearty, no-holds-barred French countryside cooking; not the healthiest fish recipe around, but we weren't here for healthy eating anyway, right?

Chopped duck breast, cooked in duck fat and stuffed in tomato. Guilt-inducing to the maximum level; succulent morsels of heavenly meat, glistening with aromatic sin.

Red wine beef cheeks & chardonnay grain mustard seed sauce. Also awesome, with a deep, rich flavor that enhanced our enjoyment of the meat's tender, chewing-optional texture.

Caramel sponge pudding with yogurt-basil ice cream. Does what any decent dessert should do, but this yogurt ice cream pops up a tad too frequently on the menu.

Richard Hamilton Hut Block Cabernet Sauvignon (McLaren Vale, 2006) .

Ground Floor, Menara Kencana Petroleum,
Solaris Dutamas, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 6211-0648
Closed most Sundays.


  1. One thing abt the eat- what- the- chef- prepares..
    You just wont know if it's your nite. 1 night can be spectacular, cos he happens to prepare dishes to your taste, while atr nite could be a disaster.

  2. Tng: yep, there's definitely still an element of luck involved... Dinner no. 2 here last monday was relatively weaker compared to the other nights ... And this dinner no. 3 had a couple of misses before the hits starting rolling...

  3. looks like a yum today, maybe call max b4 hand to see if the menu is up to your liking?

  4. Mmmmm...
    Sounds like a risky but exciting concept... Never know if it'll b a good or bad night.. but gosh, the duck n beef n those yabbies look AWESOME.... :D

  5. say, do you LIVE at Millesime? You absolute nutter.


  6. Nice lattice presentation of the amuse bouche. His food generally looks similar to the stuff we used to get at Tengkat Tong Shin. I'm sure it tastes just as good as well.

  7. eh, how much is it per head?

  8. Hmm...eating there 3x a week?! That's really supportive, hehe! Food must be very much to your liking!

  9. Heh, the try your luck element works if you go often enoguh, no? :)

  10. joe: yep, that could work too, though he seems to sometimes finalize the menu only a few hours in advance of dinner...
    j: yeah, so far, i've been pretty pleased ... but then again, i'm pretty easy to please! :D
    ciki: but i feel totally at home here! hehehhh...
    lemongrass: oh ya, i remember having variations of those yabbies, scallops and beef cheek dishes at tengkat tong shin. but thankfully max seems to have stopped using alfalfa sprouts :D
    fbb: for the early part of this week, it's been RM150++ per person for very filling five-course set dinners (without wine) ...
    leo: ... but set lunches have been about RM55++ for three courses (though the courses offered for dinners seem to be better).
    pureglutton: went each time with three different people ... and all three enjoyed the food too, thankfully! :D
    lfb: well, if i'm the chef in charge, u'd be guaranteed a TERRIBLE dinner every time! :D

  11. a third already!!! LOL and here I am wondering when can I go :p

  12. Babe_KL: maybe we'll bump into each other here ... That'd be nice! :D

  13. that's crazy. i've only been there once so far!

  14. eiling: heheh, but in the long run, u might end up here more often than me! :D