Saturday, October 23, 2010

La Lot

La Lot isn't Pavilion's best restaurant, but it nevertheless deserves more attention.

"Banh beo," a central Vietnamese specialty of Hue rice cakes. Wish these were more readily available in KL. The "cakes" were soft, delicate and tasted freshly steamed, while the toppings of diced shrimp, red pepper & fish sauce packed a powerful punch of savoriness.

Grilled chicken in wild pepper leaves (daun kadok). A can't-stop-eating-it snack; the tender, fragrant meat went so well with the range of crunchy raw veggies.

Pan-fried tomatoes stuffed with minced chicken & mushrooms. Looked like a sourish recipe, but turned out otherwise (thankfully); the tomatoes were ripe and juicy, making them a nice match for the huge chunks of chicken.

Baked durian chicken wings. Expertly prepared; the meat was succulent, while the taste of durian was unmistakable but mild enough to keep it from overpowering everything else.

"Summer rolls," stuffed with prawns. Forgettable; no better, but no worse, than what most other Vietnamese restaurants would serve.

Traditional pho, with beef balls, meat & tripe. Probably not the most authentic pho around, but we shouldn't complain. Brimming with enough beef to placate ravenous carnivores.

Ginger-flavored creme brulee. A sweet finish to a satisfying meal.

Vietnamese drip coffee from the province of Daklak. An aromatic Robusta Arabica blend, served with milk. We're not typically coffee drinkers, but this was gooooood.

Saint Clair Pioneer Block 7 Sauvignon Blanc 2008, purchased from A surprisingly complex, very pleasant-tasting wine.

La Lot,
Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur.


  1. Been craving Viet fr a while already..
    Hmm.. Viet Kitchen in 1U serves pork! I jz realized a few weeks ago when we went fr movies, but i didnt hv appetite then. Should go soon ;)

  2. Tng: I like Vietnam kitchen too, especially their jaya33 branch! They've got some interesting recipes (not exactly authentic or traditional, but still yummy) :D

  3. where can you get near to authenthic pho in kl?

  4. What was corkage like? I am busting at the seams from overeating these past weeks, in compensation of dry season (a foolish notion, I now realise!) so the sparseness of the rice cakes would do very nice indeed! Rice cakes, and a bottle of that sauv blanc, yes!

  5. durian + fried chicken, weird combination eh....

  6. michelle: cungdinh vietnam at one bangsar has a good one! =)
    min: corkage was 30 ringgit here (acceptable, i suppose). october's almost over, so hopefully you'll be able to get sloshed really soon! :D
    choi yen: weird but wonderful (even for someone like me who doesn't love durians), heheh...

  7. Durian chicken wings? It might be worth a visit to La Lot simply for this dish! (Greetings from a big fan of durians)

  8. Lfb: the durian infusion was perfect for non-durian fans, like me ... Sweet and subtle and not stinky at all! :D

  9. ew.
    Durian chicken.
    (I'm quite afraid...)

  10. j: a wise man (not me) once said, the only thing we have to fear is fear itself. but maybe he never encountered durian chicken wings :D

  11. wah are you promoting for wineactually? join me for a wine la next time!

  12. eiling: bought a few bottles from wine actually, and they've been good ones! sure, we really should meet up sometime, yeah. hopefully this year!!! :D

  13. Not stinky? Hmm, then less attractive already... LOL

  14. Lfb: oh, I gotta tell u sometime about this stinky sausage I had in France ... made of pig's colon and tripe ... as soon as it was brought to the table, the restaurant smelled like a puduraya public toilet :D