Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Le Midi

Le Midi opened on 10/10/10, instantly becoming BSC's most romantic restaurant.

The cuisine here is Mediterranean, with a tempting tagline that promises everything from "the fresh bounty of Grecian seas to the exotic spices of Morocco."

Amuse bouche of chicken terrine. A satisfying start; tasted rustic, homemade and surprisingly flavorful for chicken. We even wondered at first whether this might be pork terrine.

The complete a la carte menu isn't ready, but a six-course tasting selection offers solid options, including a generous serving of beef carpaccio with Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese & pesto.

Duck confit flambed with Provencal brandy, potato gratin & ratatouille. One of the healthiest-tasting duck confits ever; less salty than versions elsewhere, but sufficiently tender and meaty.

Andalusian Gazpacho. A refreshingly cold soup, thick and tangy with assorted veggies. The perfect antidote for a muggy day.

Warm goat cheese salad on toast. Nice to see a menu where cheese takes center stage in one of the courses. Tasty enough, but in the spirit of adventure, the soft, distinctively savory cheese might be better matched with less generic bread.

Mussels steamed in champagne butter sauce, served with fries. We had mixed feelings about this; while the mussels were irreproachably fresh, the sodium content could have been lower. But that's a matter of personal preference.

Creme brulee with chocolate & espresso. The creme brulee had a fascinatingly mysterious flavor that straddled the line between herbal and floral.

The only drawback: the range of wines here leans toward the expensive, with even the cheapest variety by the glass costing more than 40 ringgit.

Service is efficient and the music played is wonderfully soothing. Ask for a table by the window for a wide-open view that extends from Bangsar to the Petronas towers.

Le Midi,
Bangsar Shopping Centre, Kuala Lumpur.


  1. Wow, the price of the wine by glass is really expensive. I don't recall hotels selling wine by glass at such a price!

  2. super salty mussels.. eww! my heart might stop beating.. NOT in a good way! LOL

  3. Duck confit! Looks like a win! OK, may be a good joint to visit in dry month since I won't have an excuse to order wine at premium prices!

  4. Oooh.
    Newly opened and good service and food already? Very promising....

  5. Healthiest tasting duck confit? Hehe. A delicious sounding oxymoron! Yay for BSC! I do so love the mall.

  6. maybe the wine is of the highest quality?? RM40 per glass is rather exorbitant IMHO!
    But then the duck confit definitely caught my attention.. had one in Kepong last week but it was very dry

  7. michelle: yep, but these were really good wines, so the prices were logical in that sense :D
    ciki: some like it salty, some like it saucy, heheh! :D
    min: it's nearly mid-october now ... hope your dry month has been rewarding so far!
    j: am crossing my fingers that it'll remain good. bsc still needs a wider variety of restaurants :D
    lemongrass: ya, this was like a cross between duck confit and steamed duck! i suspect though that some might find it a bit too bland...
    leo: yeah, the quality of the wine was excellent, but hopefully they'll soon carry more wine in the RM30 range per glass too. even the house white wine here was nearly RM180...

  8. the place does look romantic. I am kinda interested in that creme brulle, chocolate and espresso platter. sounds like a good combination of indulgence

  9. eiling: yep, definitely recommended for an intimate date/rendezvous. the platter was a nice, sweet end to the dinner, for sure :D

  10. Time to visit BSC soon ;-)

  11. pureglutton: hope u find parking easily, heheh :D

  12. A good duck confit? Definitely worth a visit ;)

  13. Ohh looks much is a meal there?

  14. tng: a different kinda duck confit! not quite the usual salty french style...
    alexandra: this six-course menu was RM128++ per person ... pretty reasonable. hopefully the a la carte menu (which still isn't available!) will also be worthwhile :D

  15. I can just imagine all the lovey-dovey couples on its opening day, with 10-10-10 proposals at every table. :)

  16. lfb: i'd ask u how u celebrated 10-10-10, but i figure u'd say that everyday should be a lovey-dovey day, not just so-called "special dates" :D

  17. LOL. Actually I forgot it was 10-10-10 till after the day had already passed. Me, I got nary a single romantic bone in my body. Truly.

    P.S. Dunno how far back am I now in reading the replies... but it sure is fun. Going backwards in time, sorta. :P

  18. lfb: gosh, i'd have thought that romance totally flowed through your veins. but i guess that ultimately, the things we do on a regular basis for the people we love are what truly matter ... not the frivolous gestures :D
    p.s. yeah, i thought i would never have to return to this entry ever again. life can be surprising :D

  19. Hey Sean, great post. My boss read your blog and will be making his way to Le Midi soon. Hee hee! I will too. Cheers !

  20. cheryl: hope u both enjoy it! i wonder if the a la carte menu is ready here...

  21. Our organization had our celebrative dinner function for 150 pax here mid March 2011:: everything went horribly wrong!
    RM 150 per pax;
    Not enough finger food to go around,
    Empty glasses, one had to bring ur glass and askfor refill,
    Beers in barrel cant be kept,
    Musical session went horribly wrong too, the chief waiter became the aound man, switching off mic while someone's singing...

  22. Is the outdoor area open? Is it like the picture you have shown ?