Monday, October 4, 2010


Not the most prominent hotel restaurant around, but Spices has its charms.

If you'd like a peaceful dinner at an elegant (albeit old-fashioned) establishment that isn't intimidating, then this place should be a safe bet.

Despite what the outlet's name suggests, fiery food isn't served here; herbs & spices are used inventively for some recipes, but everything tastes mild compared to Malay & Indian cuisine.

Potato soup with poached oysters. We're usually not devotees of soup, but this is one of those comfortingly creamy concoctions that are irresistible.

Butternut pumpkin soup with curry powder & crab meat. Another triumph; all the ingredients blended perfectly for a sublimely sweet, subtly spicy broth.

Pan-fried foie gras with prawn & scallop with pineapple compote & umeshu plum wine sauce. Generously sliced, but taste-wise, there are more luscious livers elsewhere.

King crab salad with salmon caviar, avocado, mango, grapefruit & shiso-sour plum vinaigrette. Lots of meaty, succulent crab, boosted by zesty accompaniments.

Pan-roasted halibut in miso clam nage & tempura shiraou. A light, delicate preparation that won't exactly wow the taste buds, but fans of fresh, flaky fish should still enjoy this.

Agent Orange (absolut kurrant vodka, cherry brandy, cranberry, orange juice) & Funky Monkey (absolut vodka, baileys, creme de banana, fresh bananas).

Crossfire (flaming shots of absolut vodka with lime, sugar syrup & tabasco).

Concorde Hotel, Kuala Lumpur.


  1. Is the cross fire supposed to be flaming? cos I'm tryin to see and it looked like there are flames in the glass on top ;p

  2. The crossfire thing looks funny!

  3. i didnt even know that such a restaurant exists in concorde!

  4. Tng: oh ya, it's meant to be flaming, but I didn't manage to get a pic of that :D
    Michelle: if u like flaming cocktails, u'll like it! =)
    Joe: yeah, it's poorly publicized! But worth checking out at least once (located next to the hotel pool)

  5. Woo.. my wedding place - I mean Concorde Hotel :P I have only been to their Chinese restaurant shortly after my wedding!

  6. leo: nice place for a wedding! i guess it'll bring back a lot of memories if u revisit the hotel :D

  7. this place has got its charm but it certainly didn't look like a restaurant in a hotel. So what dining places that you've been that looks intimidating?

  8. so didja flambe your throat.. didja? LOL

  9. Eiling: hmmm, dinners at Pacifica, frangipani, lafite can be a bit intimidating the first time :D
    Ciki: I might have scorched my lips! :D

  10. Hmmm...if I did the crossfire, someone would have to carry me home! LOL

  11. Bangsar-babe: ohh don't worry! It's not that potent, heheh :D

  12. With a name like "Spices", i was thinking u ate masala, curries etc :P

  13. pureglutton: heheh, yeah, i've always been a bit confused by their name too! :D