Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Bibitus @ Changkat

Click here & here for earlier entries on Bibitus (January 14 & April 21).

Potato blinis with sour cream, moluga caviar, lemon & cauliflower black truffle foam. Creamy comfort food, easily gulped down in less than one mouthful.

Squid ink rice with prawn, baby squid & oyster. A bit bland at first bite, but the seafood was fresh and springy enough to make this worth recommending.

Crab sandwich reinvented _ grilled foccaccia with salted egg white mayonnaise, crab meat, polenta, espelette pepper-dusted soft-shell crab, dried tomatoes & rocket leaves. A masterful combo of delicious flavours and diverse textures.

Pan-seared Japanese mulloway with saffron risotto & romesco thickened bouillabaisse sauce. The spectacularly creamy rice was bursting with the flavour of saffron, even stealing the spotlight from the succulent fish.

Balsamic marinated strawberry sorbet. Not bad, but we're not major fans of sorbet, since we prefer the lusciousness of ice cream.

Yellow watermelon sorbet. Sounded fascinating, but tasted forgettable.

VDP Gros Manseng-Sauvignon, Brumont, 2008. Thus endeth the Bibitus trilogy!

Changkat Bukit Bintang.


  1. I love soft-shell crab... would eat just about everything with it. Yums! :)

  2. I wonder if the Squid ink rice with prawn, baby squid & oyster tastes fishy? And why the wine glass blocked the wine label?

  3. lfb: maybe my memories are marred by too many orders of soggy, overly oily soft-shell crab ... so i always approach it with trepidation now! :D
    eiling: it tastes seafoody, but not fishy, heheh. as for the photo, oops, my mistake. but then again, the label wasn't very pretty anyway :D

  4. Yeah if you're going to do sweet, don't make sense to settle halfway with sorbet! Go the whole way with ice cream!

  5. min: but sorbet is still a lot healthier, rite? although in the grand scheme of eating, i guess it makes little sense to forgo ice cream if we're already piling our plates with everything else =)

  6. salted egg white mayo???

    This is one plc tat does it cuisine quirky but interestin!

  7. Tng: ya, endlessly fascinating! And they're always refreshing their menu to add interesting stuff, so it's worth visiting regularly

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