Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sakura Sakura Hakata @ Subang

Simple, honest Japanese fare is the highlight of this rather cramped outlet, which claustrophobic customers might want to avoid.

Salmon mayo maki. Really dainty pieces, easily gulped down in less than one mouthful. Might have liked it more if they used sashimi instead of cooked salmon.

Grilled squid with garlic. Served sizzling, perfect for a rainy evening. Thankfully, it wasn't as chewy as squid tends to be.

Prawn & quail eggs wrapped with bacon. Juicy stuff, impeccably prepared; we could have spent the entire meal munching on these.

Vinegared mackerel. Slightly sour (of course), but tasted fairly fresh.

Ebi namaharumaki. Can't really fault this, since it was generously stuffed with plump prawns and crunchy veggies, but it was forgettable.

Sakura Tsubo Shochu with plum.

Sakura Sakura Hakata,
4, Jalan SS 12/18,
Subang Jaya.


  1. Sakura sakura Hakata..somehow got me rhyming it w kuchi kuchi hota hai! ;p

    But yea..whr the heck is SS12??

  2. Sounds perfect... I love small Japanese diners like this... except it's in Subang... so far, and I get so lost there. Yikes.

  3. sounds something like Hakuna Matata (ever watched The Lion King?)... lol!!
    Is this place the row of shophouses next to SJMC?

  4. Sakura Hakata! What a wonderful phrase
    Sakura Hakata! Ain't no passing craze!

  5. tng: all these long but catchy names! :D this is at the shophouses opposite subang jaya medical centre. quite easy to find =)
    lfb: getting lost is part of the fun! u never know what hidden gem u might discover. perhaps i'll find myself lost in tmn desa and discover a beautiful french restaurant there :D
    leo: heheh, hopefully that'll help u remember its name better. :D yeah, it's on the same row as bella italia, windmill, bawang merah ... quite a food row.
    lemongrass: sakura = cherry blossom, rite. hakata, i dunno what it means :D

  6. Ok, I stay found and you can get lost? Er, I mean enjoy the pleasures of losing yourself lah... :P

  7. para para sakura come and hold me tight tight hold your body right right!

  8. lfb: *singing to nobody in particular* i get lost, in your eyes, and i feeeeeeel my spirits rise....
    lemongrass: the princess of pop strikes again! lemme check what new songs are available on the glee app this week :D

  9. they serve the shochu in the bamboo? looks nice.

  10. Eeks! My previous comment got swallowed up by the ether... Ah just as well. I'm sure it was vapid and idiotic... like most of my comments. :P

  11. eiling: yeah, a little aesthetic touch that makes the meal seem a bit more traditional :D
    lfb: did it? i think it's there lah. this blog lags sometimes in publishing comments. but maybe one of these days, when i'm uber-free, i'll trawl through all the comments u ever made and look for the most vapid one :D

  12. Ms. JazzMay 20, 2010

    I'm feeling the urge to go to Tokyo for sakura again :P will def check this out one day

  13. ms. jazz: i'm still waiting for a chance to visit japan. so in the meantime, i'll just do the next best thing ... eat japanese food :D

  14. Yikes, there it is, and so it is... lagging comments. You really should change to Wordpress, my friend.

    In the meantime, I'm sure you won't have trouble finding vapid comments by me (all of them), just figuring which one is the most vapid may be a bit of a chore (they all look the same). :P

  15. lfb: i'm a techno-idiot. i stick to what i know :D being vapid can be an art form in itself. beauty pageant winners have mastered it. world peace. *beams*

  16. World Peace is not vapid lah. Exceedingly unlikely in our lifetimes maybe, but not vapid methinks. Beauty pageant winners on the other hand...

  17. lfb: beauty pageant winners on the other hand... <--- do i detect a hint of jealousy there? :D