Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Zipangu @ Shangri-La Kuala Lumpur

Definitely one of KL's most alluring Japanese restaurants.

The sashimi seemed super-fresh, though the selection was run-of-the-mill.

Marinated crab organs with shredded crab meat. Can't go wrong with most of the seafood here; the crab tasted like it might have been in the ocean only hours before this.

Pot-au-feu with pan-fried foie gras, eel & winter melon. A perennial favorite; too bad the portion seems much punier than what it used to be several years ago.

Conger eel fritters with cheese salad. A letdown; the fritters contained more batter than eel, while the cheese was served as cold, stiff slices.

Braised beef. Not as tender as it could have been, but recommended for anybody who enjoys chunky slabs of beef with some bite in them.

Steamed clams in sake. Meaty and well-prepared, but basically forgettable.

Grilled barracuda. Not too fishy-tasting, but not outstanding either.

Soy bean soup with crab in stone pot. Would have loved it if the crab meat had been ripped out of the shell beforehand, but it was still tasty enough to recommend.

Avocado vegetable roll. Thanks to hearty helpings of creamy avocado, this was the most satisfying maki possible without any sashimi or soft-shell crab in it.

Chinese Chardonnay. Prefer the usual European, U.S. and Aussie wines.

Shangri-La Kuala Lumpur.


  1. Chinese Chardonnay? from China ah?

    I luv Jap but 2 wks ago at Tomoe, I had a eel bone stuck at my throat & shallowed gobs of sushi to push it dwn. It didnt work. I threw up & tht managed to dislodge it, but not without stratching my inner throat badly.

    Now? I feel sick smelling Jap food!

  2. Steamed clams in sake? Sounds like a nice variation on Devil's favourite soupy molluscs. Why was it forgettable though, not fragrant enough?

  3. Tng: yep, I didn't realize china produced THAT kind of wine! But they also produce foie gras, so I guess they can make anything, heheh. As for your bone encounter, oh no! Yikes! Sounds scary n frustrating! I hope your throat will heal quickly, and that u'll regain your liking for Japanese soon! I tend to forget that some places serve eel with fine bones in them. Sigh...
    Lfb: it kinda tasted like an ordinary la-la dish at one of those Chinese tai chow places. Maybe Soup + Molluscs just isn't the sort of s&m I'm into :p

  4. haha... despite going to shangri la a couple of times, I haven't try Zipangu. So you get 50% discount if you have the shang card right>?

  5. Ooh China is nouveau wine producing nation? Seeing that they've mastered beer, I wouldn't mind giving this a go. Whatever are crab organs?

  6. eiling: yep, that discount applies for all the restaurants at shang, except for lafite, apparently. but i don't have the card :D
    min: chinese beer? i haven't tried that! though i still haven't even learned the art of appreciating beer. :D what are a crab's internal organs? beats me. they were all mashed to a pulp (or pulped to a mash). =)

  7. i love zipangu. it was the main reason i continued with the shang card, which i have now given up. you're right, the foie gras portions have shrunk. how MANY of you were eating!!! looks like a friggin banquet!

  8. fbb: u've had enough of zipangu at last? i've only been here five or six times. not enough to justify getting a shang card, i guess. heheh, there were two of us for this meal. but a growing boy needs his nutrition :D

  9. Zipangu is one of my favourite Japanese restaurants because the quality is consistent. It's a pity that I don't have the shang card anymore, but at such exorbitant prices, there's simply not enough justification in getting it. Ah well.

  10. lemongrass: yeah, but luckily consistency doesn't equal boring here. i guess if the card were applicable for lafite too, then it miggggght be more attractive. i hardly eat at shang palace or lemon garden, so i'd really only want it for lafite and zipangu anyway :D

  11. U forgot the braised tofu, the mix mushroom grill and grilled asparagus(although not japanese but incredibly nice)...

  12. Timothy: heheh, thanks for the reminder :D