Saturday, May 29, 2010

Nagasari @ Bukit Bintang

A supper stop at Nagasari to savour their bread selection.

Ghee Dosa. A humongous serving that could satisfy two people.

Onion Oothapam. Fluffy but lacked flavour.

Roti Telur. Not bad, but we were hoping for more variety in their gravies.

Murtabak Kambing. Perfectly prepared, with lotsa tender, flavourful meat.

Jalan Nagasari, Bukit Bintang.


  1. Omg I remember this. We were wondering if it was the real Nagasari that got rave reviews in TimeOutKL. Not sure if I'll go back again. Hehe.

  2. lemongrass: i think timeoutkl calls it one of kl's best banana leaf restaurants! they probably know their banana leaf rice better than me, so i won't dispute their judgment :D

  3. Oh trust it's no great banana leaf! Even Nirwana is better.
    And gasp! Tis is almost like u eating at mamak! ! ;p

    Ghee Dosa - aptly named! ;)

  4. Tng; ooh, I recall liking the banana leaf rice at nirwana ... Though I guess I still have to try many, many more places before I can say which ones r really good. :D yep, it was a terrible sin to eat that dosa!

  5. Is this the one near Changkat bukit bintang?

  6. Eiling: yep, just a few minutes' walk away...

  7. hahah, for some reason, i dunno why, i thought NAGASARI was japanese.

  8. fbb: too close for comfort to nagasaki? :D