Thursday, May 13, 2010

Tao @ Kota Damansara

This Japanese outlet offers a buffet table spread complemented by cooked-on-order options from a menu _ all bundled up at a nice price of RM58++.

Despite the crowds, service is friendly and efficient, while the food is certainly edible. Best to visit now before it slides downhill in the footsteps of Jogoya and Tenji.

Scallop motoyaki. Not the juiciest in town, but the mayo-based sauce is yummy.

Deep-fried pumpkin. Piping-hot comfort food. Crunchy outside, creamy within.

Abalone. Not top-notch, but totally OK for a canned version.

Chikuwa mentai age. Crisply battered and not oily at all.

Unagi with steamed tofu. Perfectly prepared, very healthy-tasting.

The usual spread of sashimi & other cold cuts. Not extraordinary, but not bad.

The teppanyaki selection is surprisingly worthwhile _ prawns, salmon, oysters, squid, mussels & clams, most of which are fresh and succulent.

House-pouring sake. A small carafe for RM10 yields three cupfuls.

Tao Cuisine,
Sunway Giza, Kota Damansara.
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  1. Nice. Another Japanese getaway... the deep-fried pumpkin looks good...

    P.S. I thought the Japanese were Buddhists/Shintoists, not Taoists? :P

  2. Scallop motoyaki looks so good.. how come not juicy. chis! haha

  3. lfb: hmmmmm, getaway might not be the best description, since this place is much less serene than a japanese graveyard :D but yeah, pumpkin is my fetish for 2010!
    p.s. i tak tao lah. :P
    ciki: they weren't plump at all! what's the opposite of plump scallops ... skinny scallops? =)

  4. must get to this place quick like u say!

  5. joe: ya, the main attraction is the price ... a lot cheaper than jogoya and tenji...

  6. Ooh I'll take yr word on the teppanyaki. For some strange reason, I've never really understood the appeal of teppanyaki.. seemed like a way to mask seafood that's a day past its use-by date!

  7. Haha.. yea..some of my frens chk-it out di..and told me its pretty decent ;)
    I guess for RM58+ is pretty worth it loh..

  8. min: i usually steer clear of teppanyaki too, but the counter here seemed to occupy a place of honour in the restaurant, so it was worth a shot!
    tng: ya, there are better buffets elsewhere, but all of them cost more than rm58++ :D

  9. Best to visit now before it slides downhill? seem certain of its impending doom!

  10. lemongrass: actually, i suspect it'll thrive in terms of customer numbers, but that could lead to complacency and/or an inability to cope with the crowds. let's hope they prove me wrong! :D

  11. RM58 sounds like a good deal, most importantly is that the food is good. it's not about quantity but quality, right?

  12. eiling: ya, and that price, we don't feel like we need to stuff ourselves with too much food to make it worth it :D

  13. Oh yes... I remember this place!
    Jenn & I saw it after having our dinner at Ichiban Boshi.. the place looked nice but we were so full then

  14. Question: U tak tao ke? Then siape Tao?

    Answer: A Japanese restaurant... :P

    *runs away, cackling*

  15. leo: yep, save this place for an evening when u're hungry, so u can spend a longer time eating here (but note that for weekend dinners, u'll need to make a booking: there are two sessions to choose from _ 530-8pm or 830-11pm)
    lfb: knock, knock. who's there? tao. tao who? tao shall not make corny jokes. *scoots off snickering*

  16. Oh gosh. That's even cornier. You win. Or rather, Tao win. :P

  17. Lfb: a tao-sand thanks :D

  18. Oh ... they've a branch in KL?
    I had the one in Penang's Juru. And they were good, about RM50 but everything cooked to order.

  19. j2kfm: oh ya, it looks their penang operations were successful enough for them to expand. hopefully the risk pays off for them =)