Monday, May 24, 2010

Al-Halabi @ JW Marriott

A strikingly beautiful outlet, nestled one floor below the JW Marriott's lobby.

The menu here is as impressive as the decor, with several recipes that only a small handful of KL's Middle Eastern restaurants seem to offer.

The complimentary bread was excellent. Warm, fresh and fluffy.

Spinach with olive oil. Can't get healthier than this.

Shakshouka (fried eggs with tomatoes). Tasted nearly like Chinese scrambled eggs, except that the Chinese might not use tomatoes, right?

Saj bread with olive oil & zaatar (a condiment of herbs, spices & sesame seeds). Rather salty, but would satisfy any carbohydrate cravings.

Mini-pie topped with meat & muhammara (a walnut and pepper dip). Hands-down, the yummiest item that night, thanks to its brilliantly nutty flavour.

Dessert platter of baklava. Supremely sweet.

Rice pudding. Seemed like a Middle Eastern version of tiramisu.

Steaming hot Arabic tea.

Apple shisha.

Al-Halabi Lounge,
JW Marriott.


  1. we do have tomatoes with scramble eggs in chinese cuisine..i think fong lye serves an ok version.

  2. wow, I'm impressed with the deco. Looks like a very nice place to immerse yourself in middle eastern delights.

  3. joe: oops! i need to brush up on my knowledge of chinese cooking, heheh :D
    eiling: yeah, it almost seems like a dining hall in some arabian ruler's palace (not that i've ever been to one, unfortunately!) =)

  4. Ooh yes, I love the Chinese version of the eggs & tomatoes too. That spinach looks submerged in oil though... it can't be THAT healthy then, can it?

  5. min: i gotta try that chinese version! :D heh, but olive oil is supposed to be good for preventing heart disease, right? or is it only meant to be consumed in small quantities, yikes!

  6. Mini-pie topped with meat & muhammara .. mwuahaahaha ! :P

  7. I love finishing a good meal with shisha! :)

  8. ciki: hehe, don't ask me how to spell 'muhammara' ... but i think that's correct :D
    bangsar-babe: i think i haven't really learned the art of appreciating shisha yet =)

  9. Not bad, tho u dun fancy Arabic, u seem to enjoy the stuffs here ;)
    Could be that its not very "common" sort of Arabic dishes?

  10. tng: ya, definitely a lot tastier than most of the usual grilled meat dishes at other middle eastern places :D

  11. I think one of the best things about Arabic food are the many fresh salads and vegetables dishes. Cold and hot mezze are fantastic with freshly baked Arabic flatbreads. Nothing like a steaming hot cup of sweet tea to finish off the meal. :)

  12. Up until the Mini-pie topped with meat, i thought this was a vegetarian place! LOL

    Looks good though. Haven't visited starhill/JW Marriott in a while now.

  13. GFAD: that sounds like a real pleasure! Now I'm aching for another middle eastern meal. Maybe in the past, I've had too many unfortunate encounters with dry, chewy shish kebab and stale-tasting pita bread, so all that's unfairly clouded my perceptions about arabic cuisine =)
    qwazymonkey: a vegetarian middle eastern outlet could actually be a cool concept! more salads, soups and bread :D but yeah, the starhill/marriott building seems a bit stagnant, compared to the changes elsewhere at bkt bintang..