Sunday, May 2, 2010

Il Divo @ Terrace Hock Choon

Click here for earlier entry on Il Divo (June 9, 2009).
A lovely place with sterling service, though some of its food misses the mark.

Cappelletti in beef broth. Not a bad starter, but the soup could have been thicker, more flavourful and less peppery. Still, we lapped the bowl clean.

Meat-stuffed ravioli in sage & butter sauce. Tasted fresh and homemade.

Porcini risotto. Bland and kinda watery, like Chinese claypot rice gone wrong.

Yellow tuna steak in parmesan sauce with spinach & mixed veggies. The recipe sounded excellent and the portion was hearty, but the meaty fish bordered on being dry and tough, despite having been grilled to a nice pinkish colour.

Pizza Margherita. The crust was too thick, though the toppings were tasty.

Chocolate Rum & Pistachio gelati. Wonderfully soft, smooth and sweet.

Archeo Grillo.

Il Divo,
Terrace @ Hock Choon, Off Jalan Ampang.


  1. No soup could ever be less peppery for me. I. Live. For. Pepper. :D

  2. Yellow tuna steak looks fine from the top surface, but the side looks really dry and over-done. The Porcini risotto looks like "lor mai farn"/glutinous rice..haha. Risottos for me ought to be creamy looking and tasting.

  3. Lfb: u're in luck... since pepper never seems to be blamed for high blood pressure, cancer or any serious ailment! =)
    elrond: yeah, something went wrong with the preparation... But I'd still recommend this place if u're looking for a casual, no-frills Italian meal :D

  4. Cappelletti is interesting. Dont think it's a common item hor?

  5. Tng: ya, it's probably more difficult to prepare and to store, so it's worth ordering whenever it's on any menu =)

  6. i heard not so nice things here..a pity a pity..

  7. joe: somehow they seemed better in the old days, back when they were located at desa sri hartamas..

  8. ahhh, my favourite Italian restaurant. Have you met Vincenzo?

  9. Eiling: seen him walking around the outlet, but haven't made his acquaintance :D