Sunday, May 16, 2010

Milk @ Bangsar

All the midnight action at Bangsar seems to be right here, four nights a week.

Milky Way (baileys, coconut syrup, milk) & Vanilla Vice (kahlua, vanilla syrup, milk). Yep, their tasty signature cocktails share one common ingredient.

What else were we drinking here? It's lost in the fog of our memory.

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  1. Milk is perfect for someone your age - that is, if you want to blend in seamlessly. =) (bunny smile)

  2. lemongrass: u're right! it was full of young, vibrant and enthusiastic people =)

  3. where exactly is Milk? have not heard about it.

  4. I went last Sat for an event. It wasnt too impressive..told Unka and he said tht's maybe cos it was an event hence they muz hv chg-ed furniture etc..

  5. lfb: don't have a cow, man :D
    eiling: it's off jalan riong. check out the map on their website:
    tng: hmmmm, i thought it was ok, but nothing really extraordinary, yeah. i went on a regular nite, but didn't stay very long anyway =)