Saturday, May 1, 2010

Bermuda & Onion @ Changkat

Bermuda & Onion's transition into a pork-free outlet has proceeded smoothly, notwithstanding the grief of those of us who sorely miss the suckling pig here.

The menu is now a mishmash of mainly Italian & French influences, but it's fair to say there's been no discernible dip in the quality of the food.

Beef tartar, comprising minced raw tenderloin with egg yolk, capers, onions & anchovies. Well-seasoned, fresh-tasting meat makes all the difference here.

Pappardelle with rabbit ragout, carrots, celery, thyme & veal reduction. Brilliant pasta, with a slippery, homemade feel that blends perfectly with the rustic accompaniments.

Traditional flam, topped with bacon & onion. Not quite as satisfyingly luxurious as the version at Weissbrau, but still addictive.

Tiramisu. Seemed to lack an alcoholic kick.

Almond mousse, red berries coulis & vanilla ice cream. Not too heavy, not too sweet.

Yellow Tail Merlot, New South Wales.

Lychee Mojito and Strawberry & Blueberry Martini.

Bermuda & Onion,
Changkat Bukit Bintang.


  1. Au revoir, sweet sucking pig! :(

  2. Like the pic of the Lychee Mojito and Strawberry & Blueberry Martini..*drools* haha. But this review, am missing out on the vege/salad pics...on a carnivourous mood? :D

    Oh well...when they start removing "chue yoke" from the menu, inevitably the quality of food will suffer. Or at least that's what i notice about halal and non-halal restaurants. Lacks the OOMPH that only pork lard/oil can pack. LOL

  3. Have yet to try the new menu (other than the desserts which look suspiciously like what you had there too heh), but I'll take your word and give the food a try. I used to enjoy the hams there. Ah well.

  4. Lfb: sucking pig? That's gotta be a freudian slip, rite? =)
    elrond: heh, salads only make occasional appearances in my meals, cos am not a major fan of veggies (though I'll order anything that contains pumpkin!). Thankfully, there r lotsa other outlets at changkat that cater to pork lovers :D
    lemongrass: I'm grateful that they're still keeping the menu interesting ... No wild boar ragout, but at least there's rabbit ragout =)

  5. The tiramisu at Haute Food is seriously faultily too alcoholic (if there are such thing!)
    You got to try it. Nx time whn we meet for makan la.

  6. Tng: ooh, I can't wait! Sigh, if only we could convince them to stay open until at least 8pm! Or to open a branch in the city centre, hehe

  7. I didn't know they went pork free until recently. The wild boar fettuccine is good too. Now not anymore!

  8. Eiling: ya, maybe someday they'll switch back to pork =)