Friday, May 28, 2010

Dumplings @ Dragon-i, Pavilion

Dragon-i's "Wrap of Eternal Love" promo marks an early start to the dumpling festival.

A 1-kilogram glutinous rice dumpling behemoth, comprising abalone, dried scallops, pork belly, chestnuts, peanuts, lotus seeds, salted egg yolk & mushrooms. The rice wasn't flavourful or sticky enough, though the ingredients at the centre were OK.

Dessert dumplings with Hokkaido red beans. Also rather bland. We might need to head elsewhere to satisfy our dumpling cravings this year.



  1. Wow, time certainly flies. Thanks for reminding me of the arrival of my favourite Chinese snack of all time. I can have just rice dumplings the whole day, everyday. As much as I adore the homemade ones, I hope to be able to grab the foie gras version at Meritus Mandarin this year. Hope you'll have yourself some excellent zhong this year. ;D

  2. hairy: too bad these dumplings are only available for a month or so, once a year, rite? but wow ... i don't think any outlet in kl is offering foie gras dumplings. sounds like a real treat! hope u manage to check it out :D

  3. Commercial dumplings can be good as homemade ones I guess, but nothing beats the Nyonya Zhang made by my Great-aunt... Superb! :D

  4. Homemade bah chang is always the best :)
    luckily I get to eat my aunt's creation every year and save the time to look for good bah chang everywhere and dont' have to splurge on those over-hyped and over-priced stuff :P

  5. we should seriously sign up for classes. then we can make the ultimate zhong - foie gras, unagi, uni and kurobuta pork belly! *faints from ecstasy*

  6. u got me started ..craving for dumplings!
    But 1kg dumpling???

  7. lfb: made by her with love, care and attention, i guess, which makes all the difference :D
    leo: wah, how come all of you got relatives who make dumplings! but yeah, i guess the mass-manufactured ones are not as good somehow =)
    lemongrass: or can just save time and effort, and ask hairy to bring back the foie gras ones from singapore! :D
    tng: ya, the restaurant flyer claimed it was 1kg. though it seemed a bit lighter, heh...

  8. wah it's dumpling season already? Gosh I wanna eat some too!

  9. Eiling: yep, most places will start selling them on June 1... Only a few days away :D