Sunday, May 30, 2010

Art's Cream Gallery @ Pavilion

After finding success elsewhere in Asia, Art's Cream Gallery has spread its wings to KL, opening its first gelato outlet in Pavilion.

There were so many tempting flavours, so we ordered the three-scoop cups. First off, chocolate toffee with Snickers, pecan butternut and cookies & cream. Tasted excellent, though the texture seemed somewhere between gelato and ice cream.

Pistachio, coffee with toblerone and vanilla with chocolate chips. If we were forced to choose between this outlet and Gelatomio Lounge in Pavilion, we'd probably pick the latter for its more creative preparations and alcohol-based varieties.

Ivory Passion. Some sort of fruit mousse cake. Kinda dry, but we still finished it.

Art's Cream Gallery,
Level 6, Pavilion.


  1. yes yes..saw that this is open the other when we were at the Gelatomio tasting session, and was wondering hw this would compare!
    So overall Gelatomio stil better?

  2. Tng: i'd rate gelatomio an A-, while art's gets a B. But it's worth trying both, since they have different flavours...

  3. I was just there yesterday but didn't visit 6th floor. :(

  4. Eiling: it's good to check it out before the end of this month, cos they're having an opening discount promo...