Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Funky Villa @ e@Curve

Even someone like me who isn't really into Thai food can appreciate Funky Villa's many charms _ its catchy moniker, cool vibe, chirpy service and cost-friendly cocktails.

The extensive menu includes offbeat options such as a northern Thai specialty of boiled eggs wrapped with fish cakes. Not exactly mouthfuls of gooey goodness; instead, the eggs and fish cakes seemed dry and overcooked, scarcely complementing each other.

Deep-fried minced chicken with herbs & crunchy rice. Crisp, but way too salty.

Stir-fried squid with salted egg. Rather subtle in flavour, especially for those of us accustomed to all those Chinese restaurant crabs and prawns coated in rich, thick layers of salted egg yolk. But this was still fresh and springy enough to recommend.

Tom yam prawns, with young coconut flesh for a dose of extra sweetness.

Yellow curry with soft shell crab. A generous serving of an interesting recipe. The crab was perfectly battered and blended well with the creamy, eggy curry.

Salt-baked sea bass. Firm and meaty, but could have been more moist.

The Nut Cracker, one of the most massive cocktails ever, containing vodka, Irish cream, amaretto, hazelnut liquor & vanilla ice cream.

Many other cocktails and shooters here cost as little as RM21, including the VIP Villa (vodka, peach schnapps, prosecco) & Villa Asta Lavista (vodka, baileys, kahlua, tia maria).

Funky Villa,


  1. The Nut Cracker. What's the next massive Cocktail - The Ball Breaker? :P

  2. Hahaha... tomyam was good! I have yet to blog on this place but it seems that so many places are still waiting for me to post. I wonder when will this post up??

  3. Love this plc! Even Unka approves.
    LOL, me and u zoomed in on the salted egg squids hor?
    I ws speechless whn it came tho, then reminded myself tht this is Thai not chinese. And Unka can said it is such in Thailand so guess we cant argue with that.

  4. lfb: big is seldom better. personally, i love them cocksucking cowboys ... those tasty shooters made with baileys and butterscotch schnapps :P
    leo: but you liked this place, right. i have to bow to you, cos you're the thai food expert. based on my records, i've only eaten thai food 11 times in the past 18 months! :D
    tng: yeah, i thought those eggs were the most interesting item on the menu. but i think i would have loved it if the eggs had been half-boiled and the fish cakes had tasted like soft otak-otak. but ya, i've never tried them in thailand, so i wouldn't know either =)

  5. I heard this is incidentally the best place for happy hours in the Curve area... didn't expect the food to look just as respectable! YUMS!

  6. min: good for them! i guess the competition must be pretty fierce, what with the library, laundry bar, sanctuary, all competing for the same customers' ringgit!

  7. ohh saw this place last Fri but never knew wat they serve :p

  8. Whoever comes up with all these wonderful names, anyway? What's next, The Vanilla Monologues? :D

    P.S. I think I may have eaten even less Thai food than you in the past 18 months, oh the shame!

  9. tng: oops, i misread what u wrote earlier. yeah, the salted egg squid also weren't as tasty as the usual chinese-style crisp battered ones :D

  10. babe_kl: yeah, it's a strange name for a thai restaurant! i'd have thought it was a regular western food outlet :D
    lfb: the library at e@curve has the best names for its cocktailss ... wild sex with the bartender, alien urine sample, fruity fuck in your face. it's a kick ordering them out loud...
    p.s. that comes as no surprise, seeing how u're udonably a sanuki fanatic :P

  11. Oh gosh. Those names are hilarious! I wonder what else would they think of, hmm...

    P.S. Less Sanuki Udon these days, more Café Libre. ;)

  12. lfb: that's why they call themselves the library ... their cocktail names literally go from a to z. go check 'em out.
    p.s. the eye candy has moved? i've been to neither, sigh. that neck of the woods is as alien to me as antarctica.

  13. I would check it out but I am an old man. Don't stay out late for cocktails anymore... :P

    P.S. Nope, Sanuki Udon still there, and I still visit at least once a week. But the salmon scrambled eggs and wild mushroom soup at Café Libre is to die for. And there's occasional eye candy there also. ;)

  14. lfb: age doesn't mean u have to slow down. look at hugh hefner :P
    p.s. ok, maybe i'll do a whirlwind tour of tmn desa one of these days and check out sanuki, cafe libre, paradiso and woo pin, all in one evening :D

  15. Yes well, unlike Signor Hefner, I'm not surrounded by Playboy Bunnies. Or Playgirl Wabbits either, more's the pity. :P

    P.S. Haha, come, come! Devil & I will play tourguide! (Though I belum pegi Paradiso or Woo Pin either. Rectifying one of those besok malam, hehe.)

  16. lfb: time to hop to it and fix that. maybe all u need is a bigger home :D
    p.s. i'd cheerfully take up that invite, but i just realized none of those places serves booze. and i'm simply no fun without some tippling :P

  17. Or a better supply of those Playthings? :P

    P.S. Hahaha, or as Ms. LL might suggest, Taman Desa is just not upmarket enough for you? Hehe.

    And Sanuki has sake lah. That not boozy enough for you? Cis.

  18. lfb: maybe u can get your supply from this place ... and gasp, it's so close to home for you :P
    p.s. slander! i'd be perfectly happy eating at sushi king even :P ooooh, sake. but still need to figure out a good time to make it there. i usually prefer eating in the city to avoid stuff like the federal highway traffic

  19. A touch or more than just a touch? Eeks. That sounds like a promo slogan pulak... :P

    P.S. Use the Smart Tunnel. That's what I do. Takes me from the KLCC area to back home in 30min or less during peak hours. No need to hit the Fed. Highway, bro.

  20. lfb: ahh now if i come to taman desa, i'd most likely be coming to atouch instead. not that i've ever been there so far. ahem.
    p.s. won't work for me. my office is on jln sultan ismail, closer to the (unglamorous) sogo side, so it'll take me 30 mins just to get to the smart tunnel.

  21. Right. Let's hope when you do, you get a very fine touch indeed. Ahem.

    P.S. Jalan Sultan Ismail during peak hours when no motorised four-wheeled vehicle actually moves? I feel sorry for you, bro.

  22. lfb: i've been spoiled by the masseurs of bangkok. there's no happy ending waiting for me on the streets of kl. ahem :P
    p.s. i've been working in the same office since 1999, so i'm kinda used to it. but i'll welcome anyone who says, hey, let's have dinner at your side of town! :D

  23. Happy Ending? This is Sequel to Happy Together, is it? :P

    P.S. 1999? Wow. I think I was still in university back then.. :P

  24. lfb: actually it'd be a better sequel to 'happy gilmore,' since i'm crushing on adam sandler today :D
    p.s. the anniversary of my first day at work is always easy to remember. april 1, 1999. exactly a month after leaving uni :D

  25. I guess you'll stick to Sandler, and I'll stick to the Pythons and Mr. Tony Leung, then. :P

    P.S. Wow, you never changed jobs, ever? I wish I had your life (and your stability too). I'm so flaky, aitelyu. :P

  26. lfb: yes, yes, u can have john cleese :P
    p.s. same cubicle for more than a decade now. but u know what they say about grass and green. i might someday look back at these years and wish i took some risks.

  27. I think I'll donate Mr. Cleese to Ms. Lemongrass. A bit too chewy for my taste.

    P.S. I think I wouldn't mind your stately, stable life (and your paycheck, while I'm at it). LOL. No regrets, bro, no regrets... that's the only way to look back at our history.

  28. chis, my name has been used in vain. such incorrect quotes somemore. chis.

    nothing really funky about funky villa's food lah. if it weren't for the company, i'd have cried wee wee wee all the way home.

  29. lfb: meanwhile, he's too cheesy for me. ahem.
    p.s. but u have a jet-setting lifestyle (somewhat). lots of people would like that.
    lemongrass: it's not the food that's supposed to be funky, it's the villa! :D

  30. Haha, okay if you say so. Maybe Ms. Lemongrass will taste better. Have you tried?

    P.S. It's the jets that are set. Me, I'm nowhere near being set for life... :P

  31. lfb: hey hey, sing it with me ... come what may, i don't swing that way, thank god for that, i say...
    p.s. it's too soon for any of us to be set for life. i shudder to think that even though i've been working for 11 years, i'll likely need to endure another 22 before i can comfortably retire...

  32. oooh i would love to try the nutcracker. I think it takes two to finish it. But the Funky villa doesn't look that funky doesn't it?

  33. eiling: ya, it's priced at RM52, so two people would be just right. heheh, i think it's aiming for a hip look. it's definitely a bit cooler than most thai shopping mall restaurants :D

  34. Ah. Ms. Lemongrass's loss then. But she'll still have me. Hee.

    P.S. Retirement. If only I can achieve that before I'm old, exhausted and wrinkly... :P

  35. lfb: i imagine i'd enjoy having both your hearts, lightly grilled on a yakitori skewer. :D
    p.s. aren't those wrinkles and eye bags already that i see on your profile pic :P

  36. Eeks. What's this about our hearts becoming yakitori fodder? *runs and flees*

    P.S. Oh. You. Biatch. :P

    P.P.S. Not even sure if this comment's gonna get through... mine to Prego this morning didn't. I bet it's cos I've been commenting far too much of late. LOL.

  37. lfb: u can run but u can't hide *licks lips*
    p.s. and i haven't even mentioned the crow's feet and receding hairline yet. oh wait, i just did :P
    p.p.s. looks like it got through in the end. u must learn patience, my young padawan.

  38. *runs FASTER*

    P.S. Bee. Yatch. Totally. :P

    P.P.S. Well, according to you, I'm not all that yung, am I? :P

  39. lfb: it's like a cheetah stalking a rabbit. no matter how fast the rabbit runs, the conclusion is inevitable.
    p.s.- p.p.s. the truth is, we're all past our prime, physically speaking. it's all downhill from here, bleh.

  40. I'm a Killer Rabbit. From Caerbannog, yo. :P

    P.S. Damn. That I have to agree. Sighs.
    P.P.S. Have we racked up a million comments over several blog posts already? :P

  41. lfb: then i'm aslan, the true ruler of narnia. raawwwwrr!
    p.s. for your next trip abroad, try florida to find the fountain of youth :D
    p.p.s. if i had a ringgit for each of your comments, i'd rack up enough for another nice thai dinner, at rama v this time :P

  42. Aslan? *coughs, wimp, coughs*

    P.S. It's in Florida meh?

    P.P.S. Hahaha, take me also? :P

  43. lfb: aslan vs the killer rabbit. i'd stake my life savings on aslan.
    p.s. allegedly lor, according to wikipedia, the fountain of knowledge :P
    p.p.s. sure. but first, find someone to gimme a ringgit for each of your comments :D

  44. I am like Jamie Madrox, the Multiple Man. Hence, Killer Rabbit = Killer Rabbits. That's where they came up with the expression "multiply like rabbits", after all. Really. :P

    P.S. Wikipedia is soooo reliable.
    P.P.S. That task may be as easy as seeking the Fountain of Youth in Florida. Yeaps.