Saturday, May 8, 2010

Delicious @ Marc Residence

Scrambling to Marc Residence to taste these sweet treats inspired by New York City's Magnolia Bakery.

Red Velvet with cream cheese & raspberry swirl, in front of the Crazy Carrot with cream cheese. These confections have the look of Magnolia's signature creations almost perfectly right, offering a nice visual change from the usual choices at Bisou, Cupcake Chic and Cuppacakes.

After Eight Chocolate with mint frosting & Classic Vanilla with strawberry frosting. Each of the cupcakes is hefty, justifying the RM6.90 price tag.

Chunky Apple with butterscotch frosting & Bananarama with white choc frosting. Not sure whether we love them; the cupcakes are dense but most of them could be more moist, while some of the toppings are too artificial-tasting.

Devil Dare with 7-minute icing & another Red Velvet.

A side order of onion rings for some savoriness to counter all that sugar.

Returned to Delicious a few days later, but at Bangsar Village this time, to check out their ice cream, including the bubble gum and haw flakes flavours .

Mascarpone & figs, Earl Grey and Horlicks flavours. Could have been creamier.

Original Margarita (tequila, triple sec, fresh lime) & Cocolicious Martini (bailey's, espresso, vanilla ice cream, coffee beans).

Milky cocktails: Dude & the Duchess (bailey's, kahlua, tia maria, chocolate syrup), with Kisses & Misses (bailey's, frangelico).
Click here for review of Delicious @ Mid Valley (Feb. 6, 2009).

MARC Service Residence & Bangsar Village II.


  1. Hmm, I had a really good Earl Grey at Ice-Cream Kingdom in Singapore. Home-made, so I guess the creamy factor is QC-ed daily. :)

  2. OMG Red Velvet cupcakes!! will try to get some later today. btw the RV cake in illy espressamente @ pavilion KL is good too. check it out if you can :) Bisou/Bijoux cupcakes are still my favourites...can't go wrong with coffee and chocolate flavours, and the creamy chocolatey icing too.

    Kisses and Misses sound absolutely delish too. Frangelico and Bailey's...need to try that out.

    Marc Residences outlet does look nice from the outside, but still think the BV2 outlet has the best ambience. dontcha think so? ;)

  3. Lfb: ice cream kingdom? Great name! I wanna open an Ice Cream Heaven in KL :D ya, the ice cream at delicious kinda tasted like it had been in a freezer too long...
    Elrond: hmmm can't recall if I ever tried any cakes at illy, but will remember next time! Yeah, I like bisou's cupcakes, especially their cakes of the month... Which will be chocolate & chilli in June! As for delicious outlets, my fave is the Dua annexe branch on Jln tun Razak, cos it seems like the most spacious n cheeriest! =)

  4. The ice cream was foul tasting, Sean. :-P Horlicks tasted like it had spent too much time in the freezer, bubble gum like it had accidentally tangoed with my hair colour chemicals, mascarpone and figs unrecognisable.... Perhaps we were just unlucky eh? Heh.

  5. lemongrass: your litany of complaints reminded me of my main grouse ... that the ice cream is overpriced at RM10 a pop!

  6. The cupcake frosting was as dense and gooey as toothpaste, and tasted like it!

  7. Carolyn: hehe looks like no one has anything complimentary to say about any of these desserts :D

  8. Haha..I guess mine & Unka's taste is stil spot on. Both of us hastily speed off frm their ice cream "kiosk" aft tasting a few. I was very loud with my displeasure; " Urghh,. why the ice cream so yucky.." - hence Unka had to pull me awy! LOL!

    As for their cakes, well..i think i told ya ;)

    ps: The illy at BV I (old one), their RV is by JHP.
    Not sure abt the pavillion one...

    chocolate & chilli in June?? Pls remind me!!!
    The only time i tried choc chilli stuffs was in Fronterra - their choc chilli brownie. 1st time great second time 'urghh'. Gisele apologised for the inconsistency.
    Not sure if its still on the menu ..hmmm...

  9. tng: ya, i guess it's best to stick to bar italia for their gelato! can't go wrong there, right? :D
    heheh, i can't wait for bisou's choc chilli either. their flavour for the month of may is black sesame, which is quite nice also =)

  10. i always like the white-themed deco at delicious. I'm not a fan of their cupcakes but i have yet to try their cocktails..

  11. eiling: some of the cocktails are actually quite cheap, but the booze content is low...

  12. crossing fingers and toes for you to open your ice-cream kingdom!!! bring on the real ice creams!!! :p

  13. babe_kl: thanks! it probably won't happen though, since i'm averse to taking risks :D