Monday, May 3, 2010

Mandi-Mandi @ Ampang

This poolside restaurant offers worthwhile Malay and Thai food in a jungle setting that's only a 15-minute drive from the city centre.

It's a calm, nearly mosquito-free environment with only one flaw: no air-conditioning (of course), so the humidity might be suffocating on some evenings.

Century egg & tomato salad. An inspired recipe, bursting with piquant flavours. Generous portions of century egg gave it a creamy twist.

Pucuk paku salad, comprising forest ferns, dried baby shrimp & dessicated coconut. Super-fresh greens with a terrific texture; not chewy, but not mushy either.

BBQ tomyam-infused chicken. Thankfully, the taste of tomyam was subtle, leaving us with tender chicken slices that weren't too sour or spicy.

BBQ Squid. A hearty helping. Not rubbery, but not really memorable either.

Yellow curry chicken with tapioca wedges. The tapioca was a nice change from the potatoes or eggplant that would have otherwise made this a typical curry.

Som Tam (bacardi oro, malibu, papaya, guava juice, gomme) & Pad Thai (vodka, lemongrass juice, muddled with ginger, basil & lime).

Full Moon Longan Love (white rum, triple sec, chambord, longan) & Cilantro (vodka muddled with cilantro leaves, lemon & lime, topped with white wine).

Jalan TAR, Ampang.

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  1. wah this place looks like a nice place to chill out and relax. The only thing is I am always a mosquito magnet.

  2. Eiling: ya, I think it'd be impossible for this place to be 100 percent mosquito-free, but they still do a decent job of keeping most of the bugs away somehow :D

  3. would love to check this place SOON

    with regards,
    May @

  4. May: hope u'll enjoy it! Go on an evening when it's not raining :D

  5. Sounds interesting and a great place to chill during the weekend.

  6. Hmm, lepas makan bisa mandi-mandi? LOL

  7. Ooh lovely... you had me at century egg salad! I too draw mosquitoes more than the average next person - would be interested to know what they do to keep the pests away. Mozzie coils alone will not suffice!

  8. You should also mention that wearing pointy heels can be detrimental to your experience here. =) It's a lovely place, though, and the food's pretty decent and filling.

  9. is this like an extension of the tamarind springs?

  10. boo: for those of us working in the city, it could also be a great place to chill after office hours :D
    lfb: splish splash, i was taking a bathhhh...
    min: it's a myth, right, that women attract mosquitoes more than men? but yeah, i wasn't bitten once throughout the entire dinner =)
    lemongrass: but i wouldn't know, from personal experience, since i haven't ever worn pointy heels here :D
    joe: yep, they have three sections/levels ... tamarind springs for thai/indochinese food, il tempio for italian, and mandi-mandi for thai/malay

  11. Ampang again... one of areas that I try to avoid most of the time :)
    but I have to say.. all the food looked tempting

  12. leo: yeah, going thru jln ampang can be a nightmare, but if u know how to use it, then the ampang-kl elevated highway can take u to this area quite quickly and painlessly :D

  13. Ahh.. been here in the afternoon to chk it out..they didnt allow photgraphy then..said tht if i take pics I hv to be in the pics as well.

    anyhw, it's a pretty straight road aft Ampang Grammar Sch ..but yeah.. iws askin the same Q to myself abt the mozzies!

  14. tng: ya, their photo policy is a bit erratic, but i'm glad and grateful that they allowed photos this time :D so far, the only place where i was plagued by mozzies was subak at bukit lanjan...

  15. Who splishes and who splashes? :P

  16. lfb: let he who is without wet dreams cast the first splash :P

  17. went to this place to celebrate my 1st anniversary dinner.. it was cool & romantic!

  18. Scarlett: happy to hear u liked it =)