Friday, April 30, 2010

China Treasures @ Sime Darby Convention Center

This pork-free restaurant (but not booze-free, thankfully!) serves decent fare in a setting that's much more peaceful than many other Chinese outlets.

Shimeiji mushrooms deep-fried in salted egg yolk. A creative recipe. The yolk's flavour complemented the mushrooms, which had a crisp, thin coating but remained tender inside.

Deep-fried carrot balls. Piping-hot and not oily at all; the addictively crunchy batter covered a creamy blend of carrots and sweet potatoes.

Pan-fried egg noodles with seafood. No complaints. Competently executed.

Braised eel with fragrant garlic. Not as tempting as the melt-in-the-mouth Japanese versions of unagi; this was chewier and tasted almost like chicken intestines.

Braised sea perch fillet. Pretty yummy and fairly fresh, though some might say the sweet "Special Chef's Sauce" nearly overwhelms the fish.

Stir-fried la mian with crab meat & egg white sauce. Noodles seem to be their forte here, with lots of interesting, satisfying preparations.

La Challenge Blanc (France).

China Treasures,
Sime Darby Convention Centre.


  1. looks nice...both decor and food presentation wise. what was the damage like? i'm guessing around RM130-RM160 total (excluding wine).

    ps: dinner at the pressroom was nice. the duck confit looks delish, and i had the pressroom fish stew...YUMMS!! definitely a firm fav haunt from now on for me..

  2. well looks like u had a better experience than me.

    im curious, do u finish up all the food? haha

  3. I'm the one who's crawling on the ground,when you say salted egg yolk makes the world go round...

  4. everything looks nice... do they open for lunch too?? I don't think that I'll be able to make it for dinner there...

  5. elrond: u're quite close, but i don't have the receipt with me and can't recall the exact figure. sorry =) happy to hear u liked the pressroom. it's been months since i've been there, but i do hang out at bsc sometimes. do say hi if u see me! :D
    joe: heheh, yep, 95 percent of the time, we finish everything on the plate! =)
    lemongrass: pls drive to china treasures, don't crawl ar :P
    leo: oh yeah, i hear their halal dim sum for lunch is decent, though i've never been here for lunch :D

  6. wow.. i wann them all except for the eel! I hate chewy, rubbery eels!!

  7. Tng: heh, maybe that's the Chinese way of preparing it!

  8. Shimeiji mushrooms deep-fried in salted egg yolk.

    Now, I'm always looking for the next remotely edible thing to dump into salted egg yolk and fried and brother, you just found it for me! :D

  9. lfb: now please go forth and find me some foie gras coated in salted egg yolk :D

  10. No worr.. the ones at New Formosa wasnt like that mah!

  11. Tng: oh ya, but I guess new formosa's style of cooking it in butter helps to soften it (and make it more delicious too!) =)