Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Gelatomio Lounge @ Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

The gelato craze that's sweeping the city hasn't spared Pavilion.

These chilly, creamy confections are surprisingly good here, particularly several alcohol-laced flavours that come in various preparations, including teppanyaki-style.

A double whammy of tiramisu & zabaione gelati. Soft, smooth and not too sweet.

Waffle topped with rum gelato. The taste of booze is subtle, but definitely there.

Croissant stuffed with Cointreau orange gelato. A creatively different way of enjoying croissants. Portions here are pretty generous too.

Green tea ice cream cake. Looked unappetizing, but tasted terrifically milky.

Crepe topped with rum & raisin gelato. Even though gelato is their focus, all their pastries are impeccably prepared too.

Gelatomio Lounge,


  1. me and unka was there on Sun and we tried a few flavours before settling on crunchy rum and tiramisu.
    Seriously, if you have the gelato on its' own, it's alcohol is pretty strong.
    I didn't see the green tea cake! Urghh..

    Hey..didja try the Godiva cafe yet? I dn rmbr u bloggin abt it..

  2. Tng: ooh maybe I had too much booze for dinner just before this, so the alcohol content in the gelato seemed mild. But heh, looks like we all only choose the liquor-laced flavors! Here's my entry on Godiva, from last April actually: eatdrinkkl.blogspot.com/2009/04/godiva.html

  3. Heheh...was about to say we were there on Sunday. The alcohol content was on the high side!

  4. yumsss... u got me there with the green tea ice cream cake~ :)

  5. fwar seriously strong gelato.. must try!

  6. The green tea ice cream cake doesn't look unappetising. In fact, it would probably be my first choice in the entire range! Looks like the Cold Stone style is getting popular over here.

  7. reminds me of cold rock ice cream, wat u get in aust.

    thats alot alot of ice cream for dessert..sugar high afterwardS?

  8. unka: hmmm, wonder if their alcohol content differs from batch to batch! but still not high enough to get high on, rite :D
    augustdiners: first time i saw that flavour for ice cream cake! but then again, i rarely have ice cream cake =)
    ciki: now if only they'd serve some gelato-based cocktails here too :D
    lemongrass: but it's kind of a sickly green. maybe i prefer my desserts to be in traditional colours ... chocolate, white and pink! :D
    joe: yup, that was shared by two of us, and finished (all of it) in less than 45 mins, cos we had a movie to catch after that!

  9. one of my other weaknesses apart from chocolate :)
    Jenn would always pull me away whenever I wanted to buy gelato or ice-cream!!

  10. leo: but usually the wife has more of a sweet tooth compared to the husband, rite :D

  11. oooh looks nice and I must give this a try!!

  12. eiling: hope u enjoy it! perfect for a hot afternoon :D

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