Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Farah Bill Cafe @ Taman Tun

A cafe and a boutique rolled into one.

This is the most peaceful eatery at TTDI Plaza, providing a sharp contrast to the overwhelming number of noisy clubs here. The menu isn't especially exciting, but everything is well-prepared and the service is stellar.

Lettuce, onion, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, cheddar cheese, oregano & olive oil. We might not be fans of salads, but we appreciated how all the ingredients were fresh & crunchy.

Spaghetti bolognaise with homemade shredded beef gravy. The pasta was less than al dente, but the generous amount of rich, robust gravy made up for it.

Double beef burger. The patties tasted almost like Burger King's; that's a compliment, actually. We finished every bite, right down to each of the thick, addictively juicy fries.

The cupcakes looked pretty enough, but were too dry and ordinary-tasting.

Farah Bill Cafe,
TTDI Plaza.


  1. I remember reading abt this place in bestfoodjunction magazine! Thxs for the reminder to check it out.

  2. For some reason I'm wondering why the cafe's called "Farah Bill"? Is it run by a couple named, uhm, Farah & Bill? :P

  3. burger looks impressive! that's a cute name for a rest;)

  4. So datin-like. I like the logo. No drinks? (looks like there are bar tables too)

  5. boo: yeah, it seems to be overshadowed by the flashier bars at ttdi plaza, so more publicity would help!
    lfb: no idea, really. one of the admins on their fb page is named "fara," but i couldn't find any other explanation...
    qwazymonkey: it's a mystery to me! go there and ask them! :D
    ciki: yeah, a decent beef burger, pretty hearty and tasty...
    lemongrass: yep, judging from the dresses on sale, some datins would be their customers. :D sadly, there isn't a sip of alcohol here, but then again, ttdi plaza is already flooded with bars and clubs...

  6. I never discover this place after so many times I went TTDI Plaza. Isit at Upper floor?

  7. jessyca: it's actually on the ground floor, by the side, next to waikiki bar, i think

  8. They had a 'table' at the bestfoodjunction launch. too bad the food tht nite was less than stellar. but yr review said otherwise ;) guess they hv improved!!

  9. tng: the service is actually better than the food! :D

  10. this must be another "pn sri or datin" place. haha

  11. eiling: tailor-made for them! =)

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