Friday, February 5, 2010

Shark Fin House @ Imbi

Formerly Yu Jia Village, this might be the least impressive-looking of the Oriental chain's restaurants, but the food here is still satisfyingly tasty.

Hokkien Mee. A bit lacking in wok hei, but it made up for that with an astounding amount of crunchy pork lard heaped over the noodles. Sensationally sinful.

Slicing up the Peking duck. A tedious, time-consuming task.

Perfect pancakes, thanks to the duck skin that was deliciously crisp and oily.

Duck meat wrapped in lettuce. An addictive snack.

Fried rice. Not bad, but not especially memorable.

Smoked farm chicken. Succulent flesh, with a nice smoky flavour. Went well with the crisp lettuce in what seemed to be Caesar salad dressing.

Yin yang kailan. Pretty much a safe order these days.

A mix of fresh celery, carrots, asparagus, lotus root, mushrooms & more.

Shark Fin House,


  1. No shark's fin??

    That's a lot of fried lard! Literally a mountain on top of the noodles. Smoked chicken sounds good and yummy. Thxs for the reminder abt this place, it's so hidden away I kinda forgot abt it.

  2. Ya...that's A LOT of fried lard. Cholesterol overdose, no? =P

  3. The ratio of lard to noodles looks like it's almost 1:1. Hahaha!

  4. how can 2 fellows eat like 1 duck, chicken and noodles too!?

    the lard looks awesome..

  5. I read that their pork ribs are to die for... didn't you order??? aiya...

  6. boo: heh, nope, we skipped the shark fins. yeah, i think this place isn't really outstanding enough to draw regular attention
    bangsar-babe: must to try to eat while we're still (relatively) young!
    unka: that's the ideal ratio that should be imposed for hokkien mee everywhere! :D
    joe: haha, no lah, this was a group meal. yep, the lard really took this dish to new heights...
    leo: yikes, oops, didn't realize the pork ribs were good here. must try to remember next time, tnx =)

  7. wah the restaurant is called a shark fin house?!! so is sharks fin their main highlight over here?

  8. eiling: yep, they actually cart around packets of shark fins for customers to choose...

  9. tng: rest assured, no sharks were harmed in the production of this blog post =)

  10. Hokkien mee must have wok hei, and no amount of lard will compensate the lack of it. Smoked chicken looks good. I suppose it's quite different from steamed chicken? Flesh will be firmer...

  11. lemongrass: but what if the lard has wok hei? :D hmmm, yeah, both the texture and taste of the smoked chicken were different from steamed chicken. i daresay preferable!

  12. Remember to watch your HEALTH when you eat, Sean. And I'm a little amazed that you know about wok hei. Guess your love for food transcends the language/dialect barriers... :P

  13. smilingkit: tnx for the reminder, kit yee, appreciate it. heheh, yep, i learned the term "wok hei" just a few years ago. didn't understand what it meant at first :D