Friday, February 26, 2010

New Formosa @ SS2 PJ

Click here for previous review of New Formosa (August 25, 2009).

Salmon yee sang. Not the best ever, but OK for the occasion.

Taiwanese crunchy popped rice with seafood. Best eaten while piping-hot. The crisp rice offered a nice textural contrast to the chewy squid and soft fish maw.

Steamed herbal tiger prawns in bamboo. Tasted comfortingly nutritious.

Roasted chicken stuffed with glutinous rice, chestnuts and other goodies. A fun platter to dig through; we savoured every bit of the tender, flavourful meat.

Fresh mixed veggies, with hearty portions of sliced pumpkin & gingko nuts.

Hunan ham in honey sauce, served with "silver thread bread." A sweet, sinful treat, though it was messy to eat the ham with the bread as a sandwich.

Bamboo Rice. Salty but addictive, with lotsa melt-in-the-mouth yam & dried shrimp.

New Formosa,
SS2, Petaling Jaya.


  1. a lot of veg dishes there! one senses that u r not dining w yr usual companions! ;p ;p

    my, i love tht stuffed chic!

  2. The prawn dish is interesting. Looks as if the prawns are swimming in the bamboo! lol...

  3. I'd forgotten all about that crunchy popped rice dish. Almost like eating Rice Krispies but in a savoury, rather than sweet, base. Too bad about the service.

  4. tng: wah, u've got sixth sense! =) yep, i wouldn't mind having that stuffed chicken again someday!
    eiling: heheh, yeah, lots of interesting dishes here. there's a "fire pot" steamboat that i've been wanting to try =)
    lemongrass: yeps, but i guess it's not a healthy cereal, with that all that seemingly corn-syrupy sauce! what service? did i mention anything about service? wah, u've got sixth sense too! :D