Sunday, February 21, 2010

Room Eighteen @ Berjaya Times Square

A bright, spacious mall outlet with warm service & whopping servings.

The obligatory yee sang was the ideal thing to whet our appetites.

Waxed meat with steamed rice. The salty sausages seemed to be of a reasonable quality, with a sticky sauce that gave a sweet flavour to the rice.

Mini "poon choy." Chinese comfort food at its best; a treasure trove of succulent roast duck, pork & chicken with mushrooms & veggies.

BBQ combo. Not the best in town; the siew yoke was too dry, the duck was mediocre, while the char siew leaned too far toward the fatty side.

Steamed garoupa fillet with bean curd sheets. Not as terrific as an entire fresh garoupa would taste, but decent enough to satisfy any fish cravings.

Poached bean shoots in superior stock. Forgettable.

Prawns with chicken floss. Addictive, thanks to the eggy-tasting floss.

Assorted dim sum. Loved the meaty siew mai & the crisp yam balls.

The fish balls & fried spring rolls were so-so, but the sesame balls were a sweet, sticky treat. Always nice to find a place that serves dim sum in the evening.

Room Eighteen,
Berjaya Times Square.


  1. I like my char siew fat, but this char siew is WAY too fat for me even!! >.<

  2. bangsar-babe: yeah, on the other hand, the siew yoke here was too lean! so it went wrong both ways

  3. I heard some nasty things about Room 18's branch elsewhere from Boss, and she knows her food! Maybe I'll try dinner dim sum here, not much else!

  4. min: must be mid valley's outlet, since i've also heard some grumbling from ppl who went there. i haven't tried their regular fare, but maybe they put some extra effort into their chinese new year menu...

  5. Havent read any good reviews on tis one so guess I'll pass. Nvr like a dissappointin meal anyways

  6. tng: hits & misses, i guess. but yeah, probably safer to stick to tai thong's non-shopping mall outlets...

  7. I've passed by Room18 numerous time at Tropicana City mall but yet to try. Hmmm... the "lap mei fan" looks good.

  8. eiling: i guess it's too similar to canton-i, canton fare and all those other outlets...