Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Giovino @ Changkat, Kuala Lumpur

Our Giovino trilogy has turned into a quadrilogy. There's so much to try here.
For earlier entries, see these: Feb. 4, Feb. 7 & Feb. 9.

Kreatopita (baked minced pork in filo pastry). A terrific snack; not too filling or oily, despite lots of succulent chunks of pork encased within.

Piadina (sandwich-like toasted pizza). A light, crisp pleasure, bursting with flavour, thanks to the ham-&-cheese stuffing. Best eaten while piping-hot.

Buccatani Amatriciana (thick pasta with bacon & onions in herb tomato sauce). Satisfying enough to rival the offerings of any Italian outlet on this street.

Pork Milanese. Wonderfully juicy meat, pan-fried with breadcrumbs.

Baby pork ribs with Bearnaise sauce. A hearty serving, but not the best option here; stick to the established pork outlets elsewhere for more tender and flavourful ribs.

Duck breast salad, with grapes, gorgonzola cheese, pine nuts & mustard dressing. Another generous helping, but duck breast can sometimes be too chewy to enjoy (probably the result of being the healthiest part of the fowl).

Pork schnitzel. Somewhat similar to the Pork Milanese, except that it seemed to have melted gooey cheese and ham inside.

Warm chocolate flan. Perfectly prepared.

Complimentary limoncello, much appreciated.

Mimosa & Singapore Sling.

White & red wines.

Midori Illusion & Champagne Martini.

Long Island Iced Tea & Kir Royale (creme de cassis, prosecco).

Rossini (strawberry puree, prosecco) & Champagne Flamingo (vodka, campari, prosecco).

Changkat Bukit Bintang.


  1. Ahhh... I love limoncello!!! Since you've been there for 4 times, I think it's a good sign and I should pay a visit soon enough!

  2.! *hungry*

    All that food for how many ppl? =P

  3. oh! its finally open.. yay!

  4. They are really good..I was there few days back...and definitely worth revisit.. =P

  5. eiling: i think u'll like the place! order the items that are described as 'greek' on the menu, since those are their specialties.
    bangsar-babe: it's complicated, but technically, four people ate all that =)
    ciki: open sesame! :D
    chloe: yeah, so far, everyone seems totally satisfied with the place =)

  6. Ok...this place is next for my food outing! I cannot tahan laa...all the food does look promising!

  7. ohh lala..looks like the alcohol is back after a hiatus!

  8. tng: i hope u'll like it! your tastebuds can be quite demanding, heheh! :D
    joe: cannot go for more than a couple of days without booze la =)

  9. Just a complimentary drink?? Hmm, I think it's high time the boss grants you a special VVIP pass for your faithful patronage! And did you mention you have a quadrilogy postings for them that attracts many more potential customers? :P

  10. smilingkit: heheh, i think they're doing just fine without any blog publicity. good food, good service, good location _ all of that is enough is provide them with positive word-of-mouth :D

  11. where is the best rib joint in KL ?

  12. rizky: lotsa good ones, but offhand, i can think of checkers at bkt damansara and sanbanto at ss2 ... or even bavarian bierhaus...